Elon Musk Deleting Legacy Blue Checks On 4/20

Elon Musk Deleting Legacy Blue Checks On 4/20

Elon Musk has confirmed all legacy blue checks will be scrapped by April 20th, the annual smoker’s holiday. 

It’s unclear why Musk designated 4/20 as the day to eliminate legacy blue checks. It could be a coincidence, or this could be some bigger plan to commemorate the marijuana-friendly day. Celebrities and other official accounts that have been previously verified will lose the check mark in their profile unless they subscribe to Twitter Blue. The service is $8 a month if you sign up via the web and $11 if you sign up on iOS. Businesses and organizations may have to pay $1,000 monthly for their verification badges. Gold checkmarks will be issued to brands, companies, and nonprofits, while gray checks will be assigned to government agencies under this subscription.  

Musk previously confirmed that the legacy blue checks would be gone by April 1st. That date came and went, but the Twitter leader said he would allow a “grace period” to give everyone time to subscribe, though many big names refuse to. Last month, LeBron James said he was okay with losing his blue check because he would not pay, for the service. Author Stephen King also rejected the idea. 

Musk is trying hard to push Twitter Blue as a way to bring in some much-needed revenue to the company. He is even planning to alter the way timelines are presented for those without a blue check. Non-verified accounts will no longer be recommended in the “For You” section beginning April 15th.

Will you be subscribing to Twitter Blue?

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