Emirates Airlines Had To Switch Flight Crew Due To Trump Ban

Emirates Airlines Had To Switch Flight Crew Due To Trump Ban

Emirates Airlines has had to make changes to their flight crew, pilots and passenger roster due to Donald Trump’s recent Muslim ban.


The airline industry  was caught off guard when Trump suspended the entry of people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen on Friday.


“The recent change to the U.S. entry requirements for nationals of 7 countries applies to all travelers and flight operations crew,” an Emirates spokeswoman said in emailed comments. “We have made the necessary adjustments to our crewing, to comply with the latest requirements.”


Emirates is owned by the government of Dubai, which does not fall under the seven Muslim-majority countries on Trump’s ban list. The airline flies daily from Dubai to 11 US cities including New York,  Los Angeles and Washington D.C.


Though Dubai is not on Trump’s ban list, the ban still applies to pilots and flight attendants from the seven countries, despite flight crew who are not U.S. citizens having to have a special visa to enter the country.

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