Emotional Abuse Will Destroy You And The Relationship



When we think of an abusive relationship, most of us often think of one where one party physically assaults the other. Do we ever think about mental and emotional abuse?

We place this light on domestic violence and its physical implications, but fail to understand the long term effects of psychological (mental and emotional ) abuse. Maybe we as a society do not understand what mental and emotional abuse looks like. It could be possible we overlook such behavior by incorrectly labeling it.

How many times have we been engaged in a minor argument with someone and before we know it they are hitting below the belt, spewing epithets and reminding us of our failures?

What about the times you caught your significant other in the wrong, but this person Jedi mind tricks you into thinking that something is wrong with you?

Think about the times you have explicitly stated what is wrong in the relationship, yet those concerns were ignored. How did that make you feel? Thoughts of unworthiness creep into your mind and now you’re battling yourself.

Days turn into nights that turns into weeks of you not being able to rest well or eat. You are losing weight, your hair and concern for yourself. Falling into depression, normal activities become a task. All the while, the person you love and care for is continually adding to your regression.

You can love someone, but it is important to love yourself more. Recognize the signs of emotional abuse and end the relationship. You deserve better.

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