Empress Daisy Delfina - @EmpressDelfina
Empress Daisy Delfina - @EmpressDelfina

Empress Delfina Is The Dominatrix Who Is Converting Trump Supporters Into Joe Biden Supporters: ‘I Was Already Doing Small Penis Humiliation With A Lot Of These Guys’

There’s a dominatrix that’s helping to convert Donald Trump supporters into Joe Biden supporters.

There’s really something new every day in 2020, especially with the upcoming presidential election. Both parties are pulling out all the stops to get Trump out of office. The Daily Beast reports that groups such as the Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump are gathering all anti-Trump Republicans to help sway fellow members of their party. On the opposite end, Democratic-leaning groups like Vote Trump Out are also pushing for Biden to win.

But there’s also another force of nature that’s at work, and that’s Trump supporters who have an interesting sex kink. According to the Daily Beast, kinky, submissive male Trump supporters with humiliation fetishes are reaching out to one woman to dominate them into voting for Biden. Empress Daisy Delfina is a Las Vegas-based professional dominatrix who has created “Trump Conversion Therapy,” a treatment for pro-Trump men.

Her ad for the therapy reads as follows: “Here’s your chance to get berated for being the degenerate Trump supporter you are. I reverse the brainwash you’ve succumbed to that made you into a Simple Stupid Drone. By using lethal mind f*cking language and making you repeat dumbass chants like your Bullshitter in Chief made you do to warp you into submission, I transfer your ownership to me for my personal gain and entertainment. Embrace that you need to be saved from being a Trump-bot. Call now to begin your Trump Conversion Therapy.” The therapy costs $1.99 a minute.

Delfina says the idea for Trump Conversion Therapy was sparked from her arguments with Trump supporters on Twitter. “I was already doing webcam and film work with humiliation fetishes. Ever since Trump got elected, I saw I was arguing with his supporters on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I found my accounts getting banned for certain language. There was just so much rage on both sides, and I found myself in the comments humiliating the Trump supporters and just mocking their stupidity. I mocked how they’re not capable of independent and critical thinking. The fact that they can be sold anything. How easily they were manipulated and sold a bill of goods,” she said.

“I saw an article about Mike Pence talking about supporting programs targeted at gay people to get them to “change their sexual behavior”—which was widely interpreted as a dog-whistle for conversion therapy. So I tweeted out to the Trump supporters I was arguing with, ‘Hey, if you think gay conversion therapy works, let’s try Trump conversion therapy.’ Of course, the Trump supporters went ballistic over that. But they’re already on a pro Domme’s page—so I wasn’t too surprised when a few of them slid into my DMs saying they were interested in it. I was already doing small penis humiliation with a lot of these guys, so jumping to political humiliation wasn’t that much of a stretch.”

She added that the free attention she was giving Trump supporters made her want to capitalize off of it. “At one moment, I realized, “Wait a minute, I think this guy’s getting off on it.” Because here I am, a hot girl humiliating him, and he’s getting the attention for free. That’s when I decided, “I should get paid for this shit.” And also try to get them to vote for a different leader, a Democrat. So that’s when I put my ad for Trump Conversion Therapy up.”

During “Trump Conversion Therapy” a number of things can happen; Delfina says she may just argue with someone or the person may want to be punished for supporting Trump. “Maybe half the guys just want to argue. They’re not open to getting converted at all. They just call to start berating my liberal politics. And I’m like, ‘Hey if you want to pay me $1.99 a minute to argue with me, go right ahead. You’re not getting anywhere with me, and I’m happy to profit off your stupidity—just like your leader did.’”

She continued: “But the other half—the half I care about—is actually open to being persuaded. Many of them see what Trump has become, what he’s done, and regret their vote. So I tell them, ‘I can help you. You’ve been brainwashed. I can deprogram you.’ I studied cults in college, and when I saw Trump and his rallies, I thought, ‘This is just what cult leaders do.’ So his followers need to be deprogrammed, just as if they’d been in a cult—because they have.

She then described some moments from her sessions. “I had one Southern man call me and tell he was regretting his Trump vote. I asked him if he’d been to Trump rallies, and he said he had. So I asked him, “Which chant did you used to like the most at the rallies?” They like to chant—that’s part of the whole programming. With cults, do you notice that? All the chanting. Same thing with religion—chanting helps with the brainwash.

“He used to chant, ‘Lock her up! Lock her up!’ So I said, ‘Let’s make up a new one for you. Now you need to chant, “I’m Putin’s bitch!” So he starts screaming, ‘I’m Putin’s bitch!’ And then I start having him sing it—so he’s singing, ‘I’m Putin’s bitch!’ He has to sing it because music helps with the brainwash. I call it deprogramming, but in a way, I’m kind of brainwashing them myself. I started to notice that these Trump supporters were very easily influenced—they’re the kind of people who are susceptible to a cult. You can manipulate them. You can sell them anything, just like Trump did to get their votes. I’m pretty much using the same tactics that Trump used to manipulate them, except I’m manipulating and re-programming them to go the other way.”

Delfina shared some of her background and that her parents are from Puerto Rico. “My father is white, born on the island, and my mother is Black, born in Brooklyn. I was born in New York. I’m a Brooklyn girl. I grew up very poor, and started stripping when I was 18 just to survive. A client encouraged me to apply to college, and helped me fill out my applications. It took me eight years to graduate, as I studied part-time while I stripped to pay for it. After college, I moved to Las Vegas to continue my stripping career. I’ve been in the skin business for 24 years now. I started camming about 10 years ago and continue to this day. I do clips, phone sex, and private Skype sessions. I’m an activist with sex workers. And also I rescue dogs.”

When it comes to the racist Trump supporters, Delfina says she knows how to handle them. “One of the guys I was deprogramming—he had loved chanting ‘Build the Wall’ at Trump rallies. So I made him chant that, while he was sticking a hot pepper up his ass. I made him break it in there.”

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Empress Daisy Delfina - @EmpressDelfina
Empress Daisy Delfina – @EmpressDelfina


Empress Daisy Delfina - @EmpressDelfina
Empress Daisy Delfina with fan – @EmpressDelfina


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