Entertainment Tonight Receives Guinness World Record

Entertainment Tonight Receives Guinness World Record for Longest Running Entertainment News TV Show

Entertainment Tonight has received the Guinness World Record for longest-running entertainment news TV show.

The award is determined by the amount of time the show has been on air.

Entertainment Tonight has currently been on air for 38 years and 118 days, debuting Sept. 14, 1981.

“As a kid who grew up reading the book — before the internet and all that — you laughed at the crazy records and marveled at the big ones,” Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Fraizer said. “So it’s mind-blowing and the greatest of honors.”

The Entertainment Tonight team is honored to be receiving the title.

“I’ve never lived in a world without ‘ET,’ and I never want to. I grew up watching this show as a pop culture-obsessed kid, and it was no secret to anyone in my smalm Ohio town that I wanted to one day work at ‘Entertainment Tonight,’” executive producer Erin Johnson said. “I have my dream job with a dream team.”

Friday’s episode took a trip down memory lane to look back on the last 38 years the show has been on air. The show included interviews from Oprah and Rod Stewart as well as shoutouts from Jennifer Lopez and Adam Sandler.

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