Erica Mena Talks Domestic Abuse With TT Torrez

Erica Mena finally breaks down and talks about the infamous video of her getting into a fight with her baby daddy in the street. I was asked not to bring that event up during our interview, with her publicist stating that “that was a very bad time in Erica’s life” but I’m glad Erica got to talk about it with our pal TT Torrez and we finally know what all of that was about. Makes you look at that video a little differently


On her relationship with Fat Joe’s best friend Raoul, the father of her son & the video that exposed the demise of the relationship:

What you see with us is just me basically finally defending myself. It was a really a bad time. I was parting ways with that relationship and I thought I had moved on, but before you know it I was being attacked as if I was still in the relationship. It was seven years of it. It’s been a long journey for me.



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