ESPN Announces Multi-Year Partnership With Music Distributor UnitedMasters, In An Attempt To Reach Diverse Audiences

As the sports world is on hold right now due to the coronavirus outbreak, sports network #ESPN is finding ways to keep programming consistent.

According to ESPN Press Room, the channel has announced it’s new collaboration with music distributor UnitedMasters.

The goal of the multi-year partnership is to grow ESPN’s viewership, expanding to more diverse audiences through programming as well as promotional content.   

“ESPN has always covered the intersection of sports and culture, and music plays a key role in that,” Jimmy Pitaro, president of ESPN and co-chairman for Disney Media Networks said in a statement. “We’re looking forward to strengthening that connection through this new collaboration with UnitedMasters, while at the same time giving up-and-coming artists a platform for national exposure to showcase their music to a broad, diverse and engaged audience of fans.”

Part of UnitedMasters team up plan with the channel will see ESPN curate music from the distributors “Select” artists and using those songs I’m not only sports programming, but for promotional content as well.

With UnitedMasters and ESPN teaming up, independent artists now have another platform to build their fanbase and their notoriety across ESPN’s multiple platforms, which includes popular shows such as ‘SportsCenter,’ ‘First Take’ and ‘The Jump,’ to name a few.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ESPN. They have a massive platform with the potential to make a career-changing impact on up-and-coming, independent artists,” Steve Stoute, Founder, and CEO of UnitedMasters said in a press release. “The UnitedMasters ‘Select’ roster will serve as an unparalleled library of new and untapped music, and we can’t wait to hear our artists on ESPN shows for years to come.”

The outlet reports that ‘Select’ is a new subscription being offered through UnitedMasters’ digital platform. The service gives artists a slew of resources for gaining independent success while receiving 100 percent of their royalties.

Since launching back in 2017, UnitedMasters has been responsible for launching careers for some big names today, including #NLEChoppa, #LilTecca, #LilXXEL, #FutureKingz and more.


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