Estate of Afeni Shakur Suing Over Auction of Tupac’s Possessions


 The battle over Tupac Shakur’s belongings just went from the auction house to the court house.


As the rapper’s estate prepares for his posthumous induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the estate of Afeni Shakur, his mother, is fighting to secure his prized possessions.


Recently, the car that Shakur was gunned down in, along with the handwritten lyrics of one of the rapper’s classic tunes were auctioned and sold, sparking outrage among fans and members of the estate. However, according to TMZ, Afeni’s estate is suing to repossess Shakur’s passport, his driver’s license, his clothes, his jewelry, and the handwritten lyrics to his most beloved records.


The attorney for the estate is going toe-to-toe with the Moments in Time auction house, which is responsible for passing off Shakur’s five-page prison letter to a former Death Row employee, the handwritten lyrics to “Dear Mama”, as well as three notebooks owned by the rapper. In addition to the auction house, the estate has filed suits against two individuals who currently have the items in their possession, TMZ reports.


In the suit, the estate is arguing that the items were bought from 3rd parties who did not own the memorabilia, thus had no right to sell. The suit also claims that the estate has reached out to the involved parties, informing them of their wrongdoing, but have been ignored.

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