Ethiopia Habtemariam (IG)
Ethiopia Habtemariam (IG)

Ethiopia Habtemariam Promoted To Chairman And CEO Of Motown Records

Ethiopia Habtemariam has been promoted to the chairman and CEO of Motown Records.

After six years serving as president of Motown Records, Habtemariam has officially been promoted to CEO. She will now report directly to Universal Music Group chairman and CEO Sir Lucian Grainge. As a part of Habtemariam’s promotion, she will now have more independent power.

Before her new title, Habtemariam managed Motown’s move from New York to Los Angeles in 2014, Yahoo! News reports. She will now move forward with Motown’s mission to develop partnerships with creative and entrepreneurial brands and entities, including Atlanta-based Quality Control Music (QC). The collaboration with QC has jumpstarted the careers of popular artists, including City Girls, Migos, Lil Baby, and more.

“Motown is such an important voice and, just as when it was founded by Berry Gordy, its impact continues to be felt around the world. Motown’s resurgence and powerful partnerships under Ethiopia’s leadership has advanced the label’s legacy as home to some of today’s biggest hitmakers and most meaningful voices in music,” said Grainge in a statement.

In response to the new move, Habtemariam called her promotion an “honor.”

“It’s an incredible honor to represent and define what Motown is today. I’ve always understood the power of music and the responsibility I have, not only to continue to be an advocate for artists and creators, but to forge new paths for entrepreneurs and to lift up our next generation of executives around the world. I’d like to thank Lucian for his constant support and guidance over the years; my Motown team for all they have done and continue to do; the Capitol team for their help in building Motown over these past six years; Clarence Avant who has always taught me about the power of responsibility; and to Mr. Berry Gordy, for his faith in me to carry on his legacy.”

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