That's Baller: European Restaraunt To Offer First 5-Star Meal In Space For $495,000 Per Person
Space Perspective's Spaceship Neptune capsule

That’s Baller: European Restaurant To Offer First 5-Star Meal In Space For $495,000 Per Person

Super luxury Denmark restaurant Alchemist, is taking their dining experience outer space. 

The European eatery’s head chef, Rasmus Munk, has partnered with SpaceVIP to offer a 50-course meal inside the Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune capsule. The six-hour journey will only allow six guests at a time. However, there are already 10,000 people on the waiting list to get a reservation. Guests will get an opportunity to experience gorgeous views from 100,000 feet above sea level while sporting custom spacewear designed by Ogier. The meal will be pre-prepped on land and heated up when the ship reaches its destination. 

In addition to a five-star meal, travelers will have a mini-kitchen and Wi-Fi available on board to livestream their journey and keep in touch with Earth. Travelers and Munk will also enjoy a celebratory champagne toast as they enter space. This is undoubtedly the trip of a lifetime, which is why it will cost a whopping $495,000 per person. While a hefty price tag, Munk is standing behind the ticket. 

“We’re aware that it’s an expensive first journey. But this is, after all, the first launch with these food experiences on board,” he explained to Bloomberg.

The proceeds will go towards a positive cause. All money from the excursion will be donated to Space Prize, an organization pushing for women’s equality in the space and science sector. 

It’s unclear what is on the menu, though Munk and Alchemist promise food inspired by space. it’s unclear when the first mission will take off. 

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