Eva Marcille Calls Ex-Boyfriend Kevin McCall ‘Mentally Ill’ As He Requests That The Two Attend Therapy Together

Kevin McCall is looking to work through his differences with ex-girlfriend Eva Marcille following years of court battles over restraining orders and custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Marley Rae.

Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall

McCall took to Instagram on Monday to express his feelings about Marcille and his desire to attend therapy with both her and their daughter, who recently had her last name changed to Sterling, after Marcille’s husband, Michael Sterling.

“I feel therapy is needed for all 3 of us honestly,” McCall wrote on his IG story. “We’ve let society, entertainment, and media exploit our family problems instead of being solution-based. Your family is under attack next. Pray and praise God in the midst.”

Marcille will likely not be sitting down with her ex any time soon.⠀

During a visit to The Wendy Williams Show last week, she claimed that her child’s father is mentally ill.

“I truly believe so. I think it’s really easy to say, ‘Oh, he’s crazy.’ But I was explaining to a friend, a sane person, with rational brain, would not do the things that he does. One could only get to the bottom of the fact that he cannot be rational. His brain cannot work like anyone else’s. A regular dad would not be away from their child the entire time they were on this earth. They wouldn’t be able to stomach it. He has to be not there.”

She also detailed how McCall’s erratic behavior, which included a fight with a sheriff deputy that resulted in him taking a nasty fall down an escalator, has left him estranged from the rest of his family as well.

“He’s estranged from his family, his mom has a restraining order against him, and one of his sisters does. He’s slap crazy across the board. He’s no respect for a person with his crazy. He’s crazy to everyone.”

According to The Blast, a judge dismissed McCall’s attempt to gain full custody and child support for their daughter back in December.

McCall’s post came in response to another post that fellow singer Lyfe Jennings shared regarding the child’s name change, which was documented on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In the episode, it was also revealed that Sterling was looking to legally adopt Marley after the couple married in 2018. They have two biological children of their own, 1-year-old Michael Todd and 5-month-old Maverick.

Marcille has been vocal about her and McCall’s toxic relationship, pursuing restraining orders claiming that she was abused by the embattled producer and singer. He did not completely deny the allegations, only responding by saying, “I’m not perfect, I had anger issues.”


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