Evelyn Lozada, Tamar Braxton and Nivea Share What To Expect on Their Upcoming Peacock Dating Series "Queens Court"
Evelyn Lozada, Tamar Braxton and Nivea

Exclusive: Evelyn Lozada, Tamar Braxton and Nivea Share What To Expect on Their Upcoming Peacock Dating Series “Queens Court” [Video]

Queens Court, a new unscripted reality series starring Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada and Nivea will premiere on Peacock on March 16 with ten full available episodes. The single ladies will give us a front-row seat in their dating lives as they are courted by 21 men, hoping to find love.

“Most people think it’s going to be a breeze, but it’s not. The guys became very competitive with each other, and sometimes the focus wasn’t truly on you. Sometimes the focus was on them feeling like they are winning,” said Tamar.

While focusing on getting to know all 21 men, the ladies were guided by the show’s hosts, Holly Robinson Pete and Rodney Pete.

“We were almost married for 30 years. We may be able to share some wisdom,” said Holly. “We were just trying to be an open book for them,” Rodney added.

Evelyn shared her biggest takeaway.

“My biggest takeaway is not to judge a book by its cover. I’m usually attracted to a certain type. Some of the guys are amazing, and some are not.” said Evelyn.

Holly shared that Peacock and Will Packer did great with the show casting.

“I think these ladies were perfect and the kings too. They really did a great job finding the right people for this. We know who they are and their stories, but it’s kind of on paper. When we get to see them in this light, I think that’s what’s so important and appealing about the show, and we might even see ourselves in them,” said Holly.





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