Evelyn Opens Up About Antoine Walker, Chad, Her “Friendship” With Jen & More

Evelyn sat down with V-103’s Egypt Sherrod (Who I think could be Evelyn’s twin) for a pretty candid interview. In the interview she talks about her wedding with Chad, whether her and Jen are friends again and of course, Antoine Walker. Check out excerpts below.


So you guys finally found a wedding venue?
We did. You know what that story came out and I was like this is bs and what ended up happening- I’ll make a long story short- Because we were filming a reality show, that was the issue. So if you were filming a reality show, a lot of these hotels are very protective of their environment, their employees, so they don’t necessarily want people to film.

They thought maybe you were going to get on the table and crack a glass over Chad at the wedding or something…

Well that’s what people thought and I was like no that’s not what it is. It just has to do with reality tv in itself, so it wasn’t an Evelyn thing.

So are you excited? How do you feel right now? Is this the man of your dreams?

Yeah it is. You know we met and I was just like- and I always say you know when you know and I know that’s so cliché, but I do you know. And we’re not perfect, we have our own issues, but yeah, I was thinking about it in the car. I was like oh my god, I’m getting married.
Me and Chad have a bet. I was like you’re going to give me $50,000 if you cry because he keeps saying, and I know I’m gonna win, but he keeps saying I’m not gonna cry and I’m like yes you are. I know you are.
I hope they get that all on camera.
They will. You will see everything. On the show you’ll see all the ups and downs- the planning and everything I had to go through and the good and the bad.

So you have a new book. Guys if you haven’t picked it up, it is quite juicy. It’s called the Inner Circle. Now she’s saying its fiction although I heard you took a lot of your life experiences and put them in the book.

Exactly. So throughout my previous relationship I would journal often- you know I wasn’t working and I was like you know let me just jot down everything that’s going on and when that relationship ended, I moved out and I bumped into these journals and I was going through them, well let me look at this, and I was like oh my god, a lot of these stories are juicy, but not necessarily things I want to talk about publicly you know? I would never do that to him or anyone, and I handed over the journals to Courtney Parker who helped me write the book and she read every single page and then she added her twist to it so yeah a lot of the stories are real.

I’ve been sitting here talking to her for the last 20 minutes and after watching you for what, four seasons on “Basketball Wives” of course we only get a snapshot of who you are but I’m like she is a nasty chick and I’m sitting here talking to you and you have a beautiful spirit. Do you find that people often, when they meet you, they’re on guard because they don’t know what they’re gonna get from you?

Yeah, you know what, when I meet people, they’re like oh my god you’re so nice. You know, what are you gonna do? You sign on to do a reality show-if they’re going to just air one side, then that’s fine ‘cause we all do different things. You know we film positive scenes whether it’s a charity event, but you know, if I’m calling you’re your name, obviously that’s what’s going to air. We were just having a conversation and just saying it’s unfortunate the world doesn’t get to see every side, but I’m also so thankful that you know God blessed me with another show, which is the “Ev & Ocho” show, cause you get to see a totally different person of Evelyn. You get to see what I’m really like, so I’m happy about that.

Does this mean that you will not be coming back for “Basketball Wives” Season 5?

Um, I don’t know. You know I honestly don’t know because we don’t know what the cast is going to look like. We just stopped filming what like a month and a half ago, because as the show was airing, we were still filming. So, I don’t know. Negotiations start I think August, September.

Well we just found out VH1 and Shaunie says it wasn’t her, she didn’t make the decision, but that 3 members will not be returning and that is Royce Reed, Kesha Nichols, and Jennifer Williams. They’re not coming back. Do you think that was the right decision?

Um, that wasn’t really confirmed just yet. You know I heard the same thing. If it did, listen, after awhile, your storyline starts becoming repetitive- people get bored. I open up all aspects of my life so you see me happy, sad, you know, you see everything about me, but certain cast members don’t open up like that, or cant due to legal reasons and I think after awhile it just gets boring, give us something else.

You now what I want to know? Your ex, Antoine Walker, the one that never made it down the aisle with you, has he called you like ‘I just want to get back together again. Can we try?’ I can just see that happening.

I will say this, when he found out that I was engaged, he did call and he wasn’t very happy, you know, oh you’re marrying him?! It was that type of thing. Listen we were together a decade. Six, seven months later I’m engaged and then I’m engaged to Chad. I think if I was in his position I would probably feel the same.

Evelyn, how did Chad propose to you?

I wish I had a really romantic story to tell you, but it’s not so romantic. A jeweler came to the house, had a few rings, he had my ring in a separate box. I of course chose that one. He had a headset on and he was like, ‘you like it?’ and I was like yep and I put it on and he goes okay cool, and he started playing Call of Duty.

So he never actually said will you marry me?

Me and Chad really became friends and we have controversial conversations as you’ve seen on BBW. We talk about everything. I mean he knows everything about me that even some of my best friends don’t know. And that was cool to me and we shared stories, so we were really like friends. We became cool cool friends and then other things happened. No. Never did the one knee. Never did anything like that. And I was like okay well I guess we’re engaged. But you know what I was with somebody for ten years, was engaged twice in that relationship, I’m like alright whatever, I had all that, you know maybe this way it’ll work.

That scene when you were on the table and you were going off. You were in full Evelyn mode. What did your daughter Shanice say after she saw it?

I don’t even know if she watched that episode. My daughter doesn’t really watch the show. Sometimes I’ll say did you watch the show and she’s like no I didn’t really get to see it. She’s not really into it like that. She’s not into all the drama that’s going on. She could really care less. She loves Mommy.

What was the moment that made you say I gotta make a change? This is not me and I need to show a truer side of who I am, not just a snapshot. What was the moment when you said this is ugly?

So it kind of all happened at the same time. There was controversy, there was boycotts of shows and they need to get these girls off of TV, and then I was with my stepbabies and they’re young- 8 and 7- Chad’s kids and I’m in the car with them Easter Sunday, I’ll never forget this, and they are literally reciting to me everything that happened on the episode with the bottle throwing so one of them goes, oh yeah so when you told Kenya that her weave was startin to look like Tami’s and Tami’s face, and she had the face down to I mean I really sat, I was so embarrassed. You don’t realize who’s watching this and I said that wasn’t me and she was like yes it was you. I was like oh my god, that was that moment for me where I said you know I need to do better.

 Are you and Jennifer friends now?

Me and Jennifer, we are cordial. I will just make a long story short. After the reunion we had a brief conversation via email. I told her that that moment on the reunion show was real for me. I didn’t want her to think that I was just doing something for reality TV or just to have a moment, and she wished me a Happy Mother’s Day and that was pretty much it. You know there’s a lot going on-legal, things become sticky, and you kind of have to just take things one day at a time. So I wish her the best.

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