Everybody Ain’t Your Sis…Sis! Learning The Difference Between Friends And Associates

These days, words like #love, #loyalty, #friend, #bro and #sis are thrown around without true meaning or intent behind them. Although everybody has their own definition of those terms, one thing remains true, and that’s the fact that you can’t relate ANY of those terms to folks you don’t even know.

Ladies, just because you go to the club with a girl that’s friends with your friend that doesn’t make Y’ALL friends. Just because you chit-chat with a female via social media comments here and there that doesn’t make y’all friends in real life. Calling her sis on a pic is easy, but you probably couldn’t even call her for $5 in reality.

Having people to go out with and gossip on social media with is one thing. But when you’re in distress, having life-changing tragedies or just need a true friend, do you call those people? Do you even have their phone number? Friends are ALWAYS around, and associates are SOMETIMES around. So if you only see certain folks on occasion and they aren’t consistently apart of your life, how is that your sis…sis? (And that does NOT apply to family and real friends who live far apart, they invented cell phones in 1973).

Does she know any of your family? Does she know your kids’ names? Ages? Do you have things in common outside of partying? Where is she from? What does she do for a living? Does she wear frontals or are those her real edges? Do you know anything about this bih? Don’t be so quick to throw the friendship title up.

In many cases, the cause of “beefs” between female “friends” is because one felt played by the other and it was all because they didn’t even know each other that well. You’re not gonna fight for a friendship or a relationship you’re not invested in, so “f*ck that b*tch” and keep it moving, right? Y’all were never really friends to begin with.

We see it all the time, and it’s almost become second nature to say things we don’t mean or place titles on things we don’t feel strongly about. Don’t automatically call someone “sis” just because they called you sis first. If that’s not how you’re rocking, it is what it is. Don’t automatically say “I love you too” because someone said I love you first. It seems as though acceptance and fitting into a group has become the supreme mission these days.

Being friends with strangers for the sake of having friends. Being in a relationship for the sake of having someone. The first part of being honest with someone else is being honest with yourself. Everyone you meet is not and will not be your friend! Compatibility shows up with time, and I can guarantee that girl you met at #Compound in Atlanta two weekends ago does not have your number saved in her phone yet. So don’t tag her your bestie in those #ATLPics photos.

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