The Evolution Of Education: Homeschooling vs. Public Schools

Education has evolved in terms of what is expected of students as well the curriculum. Think about how education was when you were in school, in terms of multiplying, adding, subtracting, and dividing. Math in itself is forever changing in a way for students to grasp a better understanding. But, not only is education changing, the lack of support from parents is also changing. Teachers are beginning to see fewer parents in the picture and more students trying to play the parent role.

When it comes to your child’s education, you have to be involved in every aspect. Which leads me to the question, “Do you think homeschooling is better for a child or public school?” This is a question that many will have mixed views on, but it sparks a conservation that needs to be discussed in order to get a better understanding of the two. There are pros and cons in both aspects and I want to share real views from a teacher’s perspective, as well as a parent’s perspective.

In all honesty, public school is not for every child. Every child learns differently, with some at a slower pace than others. Many students are below their expected grade level due to students not being exposed to education until kindergarten. In my opinion, students need to start grade school as early as three-years-old, unless you have someone that is educating your child and preparing them for the next segment of their life. If young children are not exposed early, they will struggle later. You can not expect a child to learn everything that is needed in Kindergarten without exposure to writing, the alphabet, etc. Elementary education is the foundation for the later years.

The biggest issue with public school is the classroom size. There are some schools that can have up to 35 students in one classroom. It is hard sometimes for a teacher to reach every student effectively. Although classroom size and the way students learn is a con, one of the biggest pros about public school is the ability to socialize. Children must be active and learn to adapt to different people in different aspects of life. In a sense, it prepares children to deal with different kinds of people in the world. As an adult, we don’t get to pick and choose who we want to interact with in the working field. It also allows you to build character and understand the type of people you would like to interact with. But, parents must be involved with their child. I cannot stress that enough. Without parent involvement, homeschooling will not be as effective.

Homeschooling is not a walk in the park. Parents have to have an understanding of what is expected of the child and what is necessary for their child in order for them to be successful in life. In a homeschool setting, students are able to get the one on one that is needed for some children. There are many children with learning disabilities and behavioral issues that need to be handled in a smaller setting. But once again, the parent has to be more focused than ever.

Homeschooling is based on the need of the child and what the parent wants for their child in the future. It does work if done correctly, but the child still needs to socialize. If you are considering homeschool, please ensure that your child is participating in extracurricular activities, as well as hands-on activities to build motor and social skills. You do not want them to suffer as they get older and struggle with how to adapt to others.

Public school and homeschooling are both great, but both require the support of parents and/or legal guardians. Support means that you will attend school functions, talk about your child’s education with their teachers and assist them at home. Homeschooling needs to be instructed by someone who has the same goal as you do for your child. If you feel that is you, then do what is best for you and the child. Remember parents, you are your child’s first teacher.

Check out a few teacher’s and parent perspective below:

“I think that it depends on the parent and how much effort they are going to put into homeschooling. I have seen some parents succeed in homeschooling their children to where they have gone to college. I have had kids come to a school that I worked at and I had the 5th grade student and there was a younger sibling in 2nd grade. The 2nd grader couldn’t even spell his own name.”

“I think it depends on why you are homeschooling and the investment the parents are willing and able to make in the process. I live in an area where homeschooling is widespread and they do a great job overall. Most homeschool for one of two reasons. Those are, moral belief systems or lack of services for their child.”

“I’ve had several students that were homeschooled over the years. They were all well below grade level. However, I know that public school isn’t for everyone and some can excel outside of classroom restrictions. There are so many activities and opportunities that you can get involved in that a regular classroom of kids wouldn’t be able to experience. I honestly wish I could pull my own two kids from public school and homeschool and I’m a teacher!”

“I think homeschooling is a great option for families with the right motivation. I know many wonderful homeschooling families who have freedom and opportunities kids in school can’t have. However, I have also seen families that chose to “homeschool” so they wouldn’t have to go to court for truancy or wake up in time to make sure their kids catch the bus. They give legitimate homeschoolers a bad name.”

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