Ex Officer J. Alexander Kueng Pleads Guilty in George Floyd Murder Case, While Tou Thao Wants Judge to Decide His Fate

Ex Officer J. Alexander Kueng Pleads Guilty in George Floyd Murder Case, While Tou Thao Wants Judge to Decide His Fate

Two former Minneapolis police officers have changed their minds during jury selection before their trial in George Floyd’s murder.
J Alexander Kueng consented to a plea deal just before 9 a.m., in which he admitted to encouraging second-degree manslaughter while having the murder charge against him dismissed.
Later, he will receive his sentence, which is expected to be around 42 months in prison.
Thirty mins after break Tou Thao also changed his mind.
Thao, who waived his right to have witnesses testify, chose a trial by stipulated evidence in which Judge Peter Cahill will determine his guilt based on the evidence submitted.
In a trial by stipulation, the prosecution will only focus on his aiding and abetting charge of second-degree manslaughter. Should the state prove that he is guilty, he will get between 41 and 57 months in prison.
The prosecution plans to withhold the murder charge until the court rules on Thao’s manslaughter charge and dismiss the murder charge if he is found guilty.
In a stipulated evidence trial, a verdict is typically reached in a few weeks, but the parties have set Nov. 17 as the deadline to submit evidence and proposals to the judge, who will then have 90 days to decide.
In addition, Thao opted to remain in the Hennepin County jail rather than return to the Bureau of Prisons.
In August, Thao and Kueng declined a final plea offer that would have prevented a state trial and allowed them to serve their federal sentences simultaneously.
As a result of Monday’s developments, Kueng remains able to do that, as well as Thao if he’s found guilty.
Following court on Monday morning, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison issued the following statement:

“Today, as always, my thoughts are with the victims: George Floyd and his family. Floyd should still be with us. I think of him and his family every day.

“J. Alexander Kueng is now the second officer involved in Floyd’s death to accept responsibility through a guilty plea. That acknowledgement hopefully can bring comfort to Floyd’s family and bring our communities closer to a new era of accountability and justice.

“We look forward to a swift resolution of Tou Thao’s stipulated bench trial.

“I want to thank everyone who has worked so selflessly on this historic case for more than two years. This includes the staff of my office, the other attorneys who gave so generously of their time, and the investigators and staff of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. I offer special thanks to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman for his close partnership and the diligence and cooperation of his attorneys and staff. I also want to thank the witnesses who were prepared to testify at trial.

“Finally, I want to thank the Floyd family for their graciousness and generosity of spirit. They are a shining example of people who have turned a personal tragedy of immense proportions into a movement for justice for all that is far bigger than themselves.”

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman also offered the following statement:

“I concur with the statements of Attorney General Ellison. It is great to bring these matters to a just conclusion. This is true for all concerned parties, including Mr. Floyd’s family, the potential witnesses, and the community, as well as for public safety.

“I must congratulate Attorney General Ellison and his staff for their leadership on this effort. While this was a joint endeavor between our offices, Keith displayed remarkable leadership and a true commitment to bringing justice in this case. I thank him for our partnership.”

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