EXCLUSIVE: QC Artist and Self-Proclaimed "Female GOAT" Lakeyah Responds To Critics: "I Get Better With Time" [Video]

EXCLUSIVE: QC Artist and Self-Proclaimed “Female GOAT” Lakeyah Responds To Critics: “I Get Better With Time” [Video]

When it comes to new artists on the block, Lakeyah‘s name is one to mention. From slam poetry to rapping in her car, she is now one of Quality Control’s hottest signees and hip hop’s newest “it” girl.

Baller Alert caught up with the self-proclaimed female goat, where she shared her love for rap, dream collaborations, and more.

While carving out her place in the rap game, Lakeyah has collaborated with City Girls, Gucci Mane, 42 Dugg, and Young Bleu. The 21-year-old has also dropped buzzworthy records such as “Female Goat” and “Too Much.” Both singles have taken the rapper’s stardom to a new level, but with that comes criticism. 

In an exclusive interview with BA, Lakeyah addressed comments that were made stating she can’t top her most popular songs. “People need to chill with that because I get better with time,” she said.

“Mind You Business,” Featuring Latto, is a prime example of Lakeyah’s evolving music career. “That song is a banger,” she stated, and fortunately, music lovers agree. The single arrived on the heels of her last song, “I Look Good,” and it quickly became one of the hottest hits of the summer, with the music video amassing 2.7 million views on YouTube since early June. 

When the QC princess moved to Atlanta to pursue music, she had only 1500 dollars to her name, but that didn’t stop anything. While she struggled financially, Lakeyah was dedicated to the grind and was familiar with the power of social media. 

Her first taste of fame and visibility came from a social media challenge. Monica’s classic hit “So Gone” received new life back in 2016 when rappers began dropping bars over the familiar R&B beat, and it was then that Lakeyah went viral for her offering. She quickly gained a large following and continued sharing freestyles with the world. In fact, her fanbase became so big that she made six figures from her very first mixtape. 

From the beginning, Quality Control is where Lakeyah wanted to be. She made that clear by DM’ing the company for opportunities to perform for Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “P” Thomas. Luckily, P respected her grind and gave her a chance to change her life. 

Lakeyah’s freestyle to Lil Baby’s “We Paid” challenge first caught P’s attention; from there, it was history. “I remember when Baby cosigned it on Twitter. He said, ‘I don’t know who this girl is, but she cold as hell'”. Two weeks later, Lakeyah signed to the Atlanta record label.

DM’ing is not a method that usually works out for artists, but it worked for the 20-year-old star and even earned her a coveted spot in XXL’s 2021 Freshman Class —the first artist from Milwaukee to be chosen.

The multifaceted rapper describes her rap style as “shit talking” mixed with luxury rap and commands attention when the mic hits her hand. Check out our full interview with Lakeyah below and get to know the female goat a little better.

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