Most of us on Baller Alert watched the show Candy Girls because it focused the hip hop culture: parties, modeling, and ballin’. Most of them were featured in music videos with Kanye West, Outkast, and Jay-Z. We watched how some video models live. On the show most of us tuned in to Terricka because of her strong personality.

If Terricka has something to say, look out. Feisty and outspoken, she isn’t afraid to let everyone know that she has always been destined for success in this industry. That confidence has gotten her jobs in some of the hottest videos with the likes of Keyshia Cole, Jay Z and Will Smith. She’s also a single mother who will take jobs the other women won’t and will even break the rules of the company to secure the money she needs.

We always wondered what she was going to say next…

Check out the exclusive interview she gave Baller Alert:

1. When asking you for this interview you stated that balleralert.com lied on you. Can you please address that?

When i was first asked to do this interview i was very optimistic about doing it. For one, since our show first aired, so many blog site similar to this one ( talk-sports, ybf, lipstick alley) and who knows what other sites have been posting all kind of “Shananigans” as i call them aka “lies” about me and my relationship. So i was not too open to doing an interview with any blog site because i felt as if they were putting my character down in a negative way and thats not who i am. Not balleralert specifically but blog sites in general.

2. Is Bella a new agency? A few models in LA said they never heard of it before.

Bella is new to a lot of people. It’s established by a young black women and it is up and coming..

3. How did you get selected to be apart of the agency?

I have been working with Danielle for over 4 years now. I meet Danielle when she was working for Nick Cannon as his assistant. At that time I was a Wildn Out Girl on Nick’s show Wild’n Out. Every since i have known Danielle she has always been in contact with different people contacting her for girls for certain projects. When she kept receiving calls and building her contacts with different artist, models, and directors she decided to pursue her own agency. I was working very close with Danielle when she decided to move forward with it, i was not represented by anyone an i came on board as one of her models. Brooke and I believed in Danielle and were the first girls to work with her and her agency.

4. What is the most outrageous thing asked of you from the Bella agency?

The most outrageous thing asked of me was to do a video for $150 dollars, i would rather be at home with my man then wasting 16 hrs on a video set for $150 bucks

5. Are you and the girls still friends?

I am really good friends with Brooke, Blanca, and April, Danielle and i have a love hate relationship but we are good friends and love each other dearly, the other girls i don’t talk to, we were never really friends before the show and i wouldn’t say doing the show made us friends

6. Why did you pick on Olivia so much?

I don’t think i would call it picking on her.. Its just an inside joke among friends. if anything its playful

7. Was the Bella loft just for the show?

I don’t live in the loft but the other girls do

8. Since our site focuses on the baller lifestyle…what is the most generous gift you have received?

I would Have to say the 20k diamond necklace Antonio gave me, And my 5series BMW.. would you call that Generous ? 🙂

9. Are you and Antonio Cromartie married?

No we are not… Like i Have been telling everyone else who has asked me. Antonio has not gotten on his Knee, nor has he put a ring on this finger. Trust I have dreamed of my wedding day since i was a child. It has to be huge, beautiful and full of my family and Friends

10. Do you have groupies? If so what is your craziest groupie story?

I don’t consider them groupies i consider them all Fans I hate the word Groupie but I love the poems and inspiration my fans give me. I Just appreciate there love and support

11. What have you been doing since the show?

Since the Show i have being Hosting events, auditioning for up and coming projects, several interview, as well as photo shoots. I am back studing acting and I am working on my foundations up and coming events, And most importantly being a Mommy the thing i love most.. My daughter keeps me pretty busy

12. If you were not modeling what would you be doing?

If i was not Modeling i would prolly be working in a elementary School. I was an Autism Therapist doing Behavior Therapy with Autism kids during the slow periods of this industry , thats something i really loved doing.

Thanks again for the interview. Best of luck…

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