Exclusive: Comedienne Ms. Pat Reveals What Her Show ‘The Ms. Pat Show’ Made Her Realize [Video]

Exclusive: Comedienne Ms. Pat Reveals What Her Show ‘The Ms. Pat Show’ Made Her Realize [Video]

The Ms. Pat Show is back for a third season on BET+, and yes….it gets juicier with each episode. 

Baller Alert was able to chat with the cast about the upcoming season, with one episode covering the topic of separation between sex and state as Brandon (Vince Swann) deals with a roadblock trying to leave his stripper past behind while entering a new job. 

Ms. Pat shares her thoughts on matter, expressing for folks to “sell it where you can.”

“Sell is where you can,” she laughed. 

“You can’t fire people for their past because you don’t know if they were running out of bread and had to get a job that was hiring that day. Don’t judge people on they past. A lot of time, we do stuff from the heat of the moment.” 

Jordan Cooper chimed in and told us where the concept for the episode came from. 

“It came from the news as there was a police chief who was fired for her OnlyFans. It made me question how those two things be against each other or putting her job at risk? If she wants to put her ass on the screen, let her put her ass on the screen. That won’t stop her from giving somebody a parking ticket.” 

In the series, Pat’s fictionalized version of herself says to “not be your past and be more than what people see you as.” When asked what she sees when she looks in the mirror, she says she sees a girl who was “once thrown away.” 

“This show made me realize what’s other people’s trash is somebody treasure,” she expressed. 

Cooper continued, describing the younger version of himself who was creating plans with no resources at hand. 

“I see a little boy doing plays in his living room and backyard, not having every resource in the book but able to tell a story,” he said. 

“I look up and be in the space where I have a television show where I direct and I’m writing on the show – to be so proud that I can look at him and be a hero in some way.” 

Take a break from what you’re doing and watch the third season of The Ms Pat Show now on BET+. 

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