Exclusive: Hip Hop Mogul Damon Dash Talks His Engagement, Family Life And New Streaming Service

Exclusive: Hip Hop Mogul Damon Dash Talks His Engagement, Family Life And New Streaming Service

Hip hop mogul Damon Dash sat down with Baller Alert to talk about his engagement, family life, and his new streaming service, Dame Dash Studios, which launched today.

The entrepreneur just popped the question to fiance Raquel Horn on Tuesday and gave an interview with his new baby on his lap from his home in LA.

“I’ve been with Rocky – she’s become the muse of my life – for the last 13 years,” he said. “We went through a lot. We lost a baby after seven months, and a year later, we have one. This is the happiest I’ve ever been.”

“I’ve never really been able to enjoy my children because I was never with the mothers once they were born. I’d be a fool to let her slip by because she deserves it,” he added. “She’s my queen. She created life, so that makes her God. And she runs the companies.”

Dash says he’s been able to become a stay-at-home dad and loves it.

“That’s what I’ve been working for. Had I not experienced this – I wouldn’t have ever gotten what I’ve always wanted.”

Dash’s Dame Dash Studios launched today, Feb 11, and features original programming for users who subscribe to the service.

“We’re making original programming. In launching this app, it’s all about intent. You’ll be able to shop while you’re watching because I’m very savvy at fashion and music,” he said. “My programming is very targeted. It’s about being healthy – economically healthy and psychologically healthy. Rocky has a TV show Health is Wealth about vegan cooking without breaking your pockets.”

He said there’s yoga, therapy, scripted series, movies and new stuff daily that’s coming.

Dash also offered some advice to those looking to follow his path of making it big.

“You have to look at what you want your future to look like in 5-10 years. And make sure you know how to dream. If you can’t visualize it, how can somebody else?” he said.

“Have that dream. Be able to visualize it and articulate it and make sure you stay with like-minded people. And fight hard – it’s not gonna be given to you. Just because you have a dream doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. It’s what you want to happen and you know what to focus your energies on.”

He reminded the youth that you’re not going to be young for long, and the road to success is a long journey.

“Start investing in your life now and make sure the people you love know. Don’t be selfish. A boss cares about other people before they care about themselves,” he said.

Dame Dash Studios is available to download at your App Store.



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