EXCLUSIVE: Ebro Says He'd Confront Akademiks for "Poppin' All That Sh*t" But "He Don't Come Outside" [Video]

EXCLUSIVE: Ebro Says He’d Confront Akademiks for “Poppin’ All That Sh*t” But “He Don’t Come Outside” [Video]

Ebro is speaking out after Akademiks accused the Hot 97 and Beats 1 personality of blackballing DaBaby and other hip-hop artists.

Last week, news broke that DaBaby’s latest album, ‘Baby on Baby 2,’ was expected to sell less than 20K units, which was a significant decline in first-week sales compared to his 2020 album ‘Blame it on Baby’ which reportedly sold more than 100K units in the first week.

Despite the rapper’s recent controversies, Ak believes Ebro is behind the declining numbers.

“Da Baby’s last project in 2020, Blame it on Baby, sold 124K first week. His new project after being blackballed by Ebro, Apple Music is scheduled to do less than 20K,” DJ Akademiks tweeted last week. “Now yall understand my Ebro convo… DSPs control who is hot and who is not. Fall out of favor with them… UR DONE.”

The two went back and forth on Twitter following Ak’s accusations.

Baller Alert caught up with Ebro Wednesday, where he shared he’s in no position of power to blackball anyone.

“I don’t have that power,” he said. “If the fans ain’t coming to your concerts, and the fans aren’t streaming your music– the music is on every platform. If the fans really want to go stream your sh*t, they type in your name and stream your sh*t.”

Ebro agreed that DJs do have some sort of say in what gets played. However, it’s the “fans that really dictate” what gets airplay.

“All programmers, all DJs, all radio people, they’re out in the clubs, they’re looking at social media, they’re seeing what people are sharing and streaming– if people are f*cking with it, people play it,” he said.

As far as DaBaby, Ebro claims social media critics don’t think the rapper hasn’t evolved musically and that he’s just looking for someone to blame for the low sales.

The “Ebro in the Morning” host said when artists were on the come-up, they’d say things like, “I built this myself with me and my fan.” But “as soon as they sh*t start slipping” they say they’re being “blackballed.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ebro spoke on his relationship with Akademiks, which he’s unsure where they stand, but did say if he saw him in public, he’d confront him for “popping all that sh*t.” He says, however, Akademik doesn’t “come outside,” so the likelihood of that happening is questionable.

He also says Akademiks has an agenda and he’s only concerned specifically about four artists who include DaBaby, NBA YoungBoy, Tory Lanez and 6ix9ine.

“He has an agenda or is on somebody’s payroll or both.”

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