Exclusive Interview – LHH Lore’l Talks About Winter Being Bitter, Erica Mena Craziness & Losing All Respect For Consequence

Exclusive Interview By Kemistry Luv

Love & Hip Hop has been nothing but drama since it started. This season rapper Lore’l joins the cast. All of her appearances have been drama filled. Recently I caught up with Lore’l to chat about her experience on Love & Hip Hop. Our conversation was interesting as we talked about how she felt about Winter Ramos putting her in her tell-all book and much more.

Check it out:

How is it being on Love & Hip Hop:

It was a big adjustment for my life. I had to get use to the television cameras being around; it’s so different from music. I’m in control of my music and my career. With reality television they tell you these are your cast members and this is the world you are going to live in for the next few months. Although you still have your own things going on, on the side you have to participate in these events. It’s so crazy a lot of things caught me off guard. The best thing to me was just try to be myself as much as I could be on camera.

On the situation with Erica Mena :

I mean Erica was more so of an acquaintance, Winter was somebody I would have called my friend before Erica. I feel like that was my first week of shooting and I didn’t know what to expect. Like I said I’m use to the camera in a different way and she’s been on the season previous to this one so what I believe is that Erica was acting. I knew she was a certain kind of person but it was like when those cameras came out it was that times 50. She might have been a little crazy but when the cameras came on she was above and beyond crazy. If anything caught me off guard it was for the thirst of people to get the camera in their face. Even though I agreed to do the show I’m not thirsty, I’m grateful for the opportunity thank you Mona Scott- Young so much but at the same time it wasn’t like what am I going to do to be on Love & Hip Hop.

On Winter putting her in the book:

She read like three other chapters from the book while we were there. I guess after I heard all the foul stuff she said about everybody else, when it got to me it was the least foul but it was still fucked up. I think I didn’t feel so angry because I knew that it was bitterness coming from her. I’ve known Winter for about seven years now and one thing I know about Winter is she’s a very jealous girl. She’s always wanted to be a certain kind of girl but she always been the friend. While these guys may be around that she has feelings for and relationships in her mind they were having her around as the homie. They would have a real girl as their girlfriend or wife and Winter was really bitter about that. I had a boyfriend at the time, she mentions his name in the book and she tries to make it look crazy. Like I chased him around, he was my boyfriend. I just feel like she was bitter because I had real relationships while we were friends and she never did.

On her not writing her own raps:

The reason why that really bothered me so much is because we know how hard it is as females in this industry. When a girl is jealous the first thing that a girl says is you’re broke or a hoe. Her saying I wasn’t getting no money that something well expected that’s all you can throw at somebody doing their thing. For her to say I don’t write my rhymes don’t play with my business, you can spread rumors and gossip all day. I have people reaching out to do verses with me; first of all Winter has never been in the studio with me. I never took her serious to do any kind of business with her because nobody did. I heard so much bad stuff about her that I would never take her serious. Her coming to the studio with me never happen because that was not what our friendship was about,  it was about partying and going to the club. It wasn’t about her being a part of my business like she claims. I have people like Angela Yee helping me what the fuck am I going to do with Winter?

On Consequence verse on the record:

I just feel like Consequence is sad. He is extremely lost and I don’t think he gets it and that’s what really makes it worst. When we did the reunion he’s just ignorant I just really lost all respect for Consequence. That line in the verse started the argument and the conversation that we had that was edited was way worst than you guys seen. At one point in time I did like Consequence I felt like he was a cool guy but the more I got to know him and see him he just disgusted me.

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