Sukihana Takes Emergency Contraceptive on IG Live: “I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do”
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Exclusive: Sukihana On Being A Trendsetter: “I Normalized A Lot Of Weird Stuff That Goes On Online”

Sukihana is one-of-a-kind in all facets of her life, from her artistry to her personality to everything in between. With her Instagram name reading “Suki With The Good Coochie” to her 1.4 million followers, the Wilmington, Delaware native holds nothing back when it comes to speaking her mind and her truth. Now more than ever, she’s focused on her music career, injecting that same passion and resilience into her rhymes.

You may have seen her on Love & Hip Hop Miami, going viral numerous times for her antics and brawls with her castmates, but that exposure was merely a stepping stone for gaining the incredibly loyal fanbase she has today. While her ratchetness has decreased and her professionalism has increased over time, Suki reminds folks of the trendsetter she is. 

She states, “Some of the stuff I do, I’m the first person that does it. Even with my viral videos, I normalized a lot of weird stuff that goes on online. The weirdest, disturbing things is because I normalized it.”

This year, she unleashed her debut mixtape titled Wolf Pussy, showcasing her unfiltered bars, raw punchlines, and undeniable resilience. With her last visual, “You Forgot to Love Me,” serving as the perfect breakup anthem, Suki is proudly engaged to her fiance, whom she considers her ride-or-die.

Baller Alert caught up with Suki via Instagram Live after she had just wrapped a photoshoot in Atlanta. Read below as we discuss her lit birthday, her biggest influences, being featured in Cardi’s “WAP,” the story behind her viral twerk video in the hospital, pros and cons of LNHH, goals, the importance of giving back, and more!

How was celebrating your birthday in Miami?

Oh my gosh, my birthday week was out of control. I had a big birthday party, we got on some jet skis. All my friends, even my friends in the industry,  everybody all came to Miami. They came to my party. We had a good time, I made a lot of money that day.

What was the household like growing up in Wilmington, Delaware?

I had a good childhood, I went to a cultural arts school. Wilmington definitely played a part in who I am now because it made me have tough skin, but it’s a lot of talent in Wilmington. A lot of people don’t know about Wilmington, Delaware, but it’s a lot of talent there. A whole lot of talent, I’m not the only one.

Who else is out of there?

My sister Candy Rain, she’s talented. She’s the first famous person from Delaware. Me, Cliff, Patientce. Patience is Cardi’s publicist. We have a lot of talent from Delaware, people don’t know. 

Speaking of, what was the highlight from Cardi B’s “WAP”? 

I had a great time. It was a pleasure to be able to be on an expensive set like that. That’s the first time I was really in contact with tigers, but it was very welcoming. Everybody was there to embrace each other, it wasn’t no weird vibes. I was thankful for that opportunity.

What was your reaction when they hit you?

Patientce is my girl. When she hit me up, I couldn’t believe they said “did I want to be in the video?” I’m like what? The following week, I went down there. It was really big, the first time that I was a part of something like that. 

Someone commented: can you please fart in a jar and mail it to me? 

What the heezy? [laughs] People are crazy. It’s my fans that talk like that, I don’t know where they get it from. No, they get that from me though. That’s the type of sense of humor I have and that’s the type of sense of humor my fanbase has. 

Best encounter you’ve had with a fan?

It was my block party. When I have my big block parties and all of them come out, it’s so nice because we really act like a family. Everybody’s dancing, we’re all eating, talking, and laughing. I love my fans, they’re cool. 

What were a young Suki’s dreams and aspirations?

I knew I was going to be a rapper when I was little. When I was 6 years old, I already wanted to be a rapper. I already knew it’s going to happen. Now, we’re here. That’s a part of manifestation. 

What artists made you want to rap?

I was inspired by Trina, Lil Kim, Tupac, DMX, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu. Even Busta Rhymes back when he was Flipmode Squad.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I’ve always been real creative. I love to mix and match, especially with designer. When it comes to fashion, it’s really about my personality. I wear how I feel. I don’t fit in, I don’t want to look like everybody else. Some of the stuff I do, I’m the first person that does it. Even with my viral videos, I normalized a lot of weird stuff that goes on online. The weirdest, disturbing things is because I normalized it. I consider myself a trendsetter. I don’t really care much about labels but I start a lot of trends out here, from my personality to fashion to music, everything. My sayings, my jokes. Stuff that’s not supposed to be funny, I normalize it and people start laughing after a while. 

Can you bring us back to that one scene in the hospital bed?
I was actually getting surgery. You’re talking about when I was twerking on the table? Yup, I was getting surgery. If you look up the old Suki, ooh I was way more ratchet than I am now. My professionalism has grown too. I was ghetto. I’m still ghetto but back then, it was way worse. I’m still lit though, it’s just I’ve got to get in rare form. When I get in rare form, that’s when you start seeing me do crazy stuff.

How often do you get in rare form?
It’s when my ADHD kicks in, because I have ADHD so when that kicks in. Depends on my diet sometimes, and maybe if somebody’s got me hyped up. Once somebody gets me started, it’s over with. It ain’t no calming down until God says so, because I’m really a live wire. 

What is your diet?
I like the fine things in life, like pork chops, ham chops, chiclets. I like to fine dine with my fiance. 

Ideal date night with Bill?
We be going out to get crabs. [laughs] I’ve got my favorite restaurants. I love seafood so we go out and get seafood, we go out and drink. I like to laugh, I’m not really materialistic. I like to do the normal things. I like the free things in life like laughing, being nice, giving, hanging out, stuff like that. That’s what makes me stay humble and stay normal, even though I guess I’m famous now. 

How are you adjusting to fame?
It’s not that, the fame is adjusting to me, like everybody else is adjusting to me. I already have a purpose. I’m Suki and everybody else around me is adapting to me. A lot of people didn’t like me at first, they’re like “what is this? What’s going on with this girl?” Now, all of those people love me. I look at life like this generation, everybody’s adapting to me.

How did you and your fiance meet officially?
Me and Bill met at my birthday party. I’d been watching him for a while, but the first time we met was at my birthday party at the office. It was love at first sight. I haven’t missed a day with him since we have met. Soon as we met, we fell in love. I’ve never talked to anybody else but him. That’s my baby, now we finna get married! 

When are you getting married?
I’ma give it… sometime next year. I don’t want to give nobody the exclusive yet because I’m not sure the date, but he proposed at my birthday party.

I feel like Suki has to have the most extravagant, wild wedding.

That’s how I feel, it’s going to be big. It’s going to be extravagant, I’m excited for it.

Talk about being a mother at 17 and how you balance that with everything you do.

I’ve been a mother before I was famous. The women in my family like to have a lot of kids, so it’s nothing. It’s not hard to handle for me because I’m used to this since I was 17. Look, that’s Magic City.

Were you rooting for Gucci or Jeezy?

Oh… let me think. Because I love both of them. It’s crazy because Atlanta, people love them equally, but Jeezy gets played in Lauderdale all day, everyday.

What does it mean to be “Pretty & Ratchet”?

“Pretty & Ratchet” is a balance. It’s my personality mixed with the new me, which is fly, which is living a different lifestyle. I’m giving ratchet, I’m giving my personality, and I’m still giving the pretty side of me. A lot of people can relate to it. 

Talk about releasing your project, Wolf Pussy. 

I got a lot of different music I’m giving on there. I’m giving love songs, twerk songs, songs for the hood, songs for the kids. It’s showing a different side of Suki, I’m really proud of that project because that’s my first body of work. 

One thing you want fans to get from Wolf Pussy?

I give a lot of messages in my music. I’ve got a soft spot for women and mothers. I always want them to get this message from me: don’t wait on nobody. Get your money and start your business, or do what you have to do while you have the opportunity to. Learn how to use your resources because anybody can be rich as long as they can look around them at their resources, what they do have. I want people to know they have the capability to become something as well. Nothing can hold you back, especially if that’s your purpose in life. 

Pros & Cons of Love & Hip Hop Miami

You’ve got to really be built to be in that type of jungle because you gotta deal with a lot of different personalities. You gotta deal with a lot of different people from different places. Understand when the cameras come on, those people might turn into something else. You’ve gotta have people skills. Me, I have good people skills. I know how to deliver a message. I know how to control a crowd, make people fuck with me — but I don’t fuck with everybody. Being on that show made me realize that the only reason I ride with y’all is because we’re on the same camera together. Out in these streets, I’d never be around none of y’all. I didn’t really relate to a lot of them people, they can’t come in my environment. 

Would you do reality TV again?

I mean, yeah. Even Love & Hip Hop, I’d definitely do Love & Hip Hop again. One thing about reality TV is a lot of people love watching me, I learnt that from the last season of Love & Hip Hop I was on. A lot of people would say they’re waiting for me to come on the screen, so we can get it crackin’. I could definitely see myself doing more reality TV, especially if I can control the narrative and I have something to do with the direction. I wouldn’t mind that. 

People are commenting CupcaKke vs Suki?
It ain’t nobody versus Suki. It’s Suki versus everybody. Who’s even asking names on my shit? It’s just Suki, because Suki’s really out here. That’s that. Nobody even on my level. In my mind, it’s Suki and that’s it. Everybody in their own lane, everybody do what they do, but Suki is her own. That’s Suki. All of y’all in my comments, don’t bring up nobody’s names on my shit. If you’re going to bring up something, bring up that nasty ass coochie that needs to be washed. 

Because we’re getting money over here, we’re really out here in these streets. We really give back to the streets. My message for y’all is when you hood, you good. Listen, y’all bringing up names. Y’all going to get me back to rare form, and I don’t want to do that because then I’ve got to show bitches who the real bully is. The real bully don’t go out and bully people, the real bully stays quiet and minds their business until somebody comes fuck with them. Then they’ve got to let them know, bitch you’ve got the right motherfucking one. Not the wrong one, you’ve got the right one that’s gonna get right with you. Asking about a bum ass bitch on my shit. 

Are you still independent?
I have a team, that’s why you see the difference from when I first came up to now. You see I’ve flourished. You see that’s professionalism. You see I look nicer, I look better. My attire is better, my hair is better, my makeup is better. This right here that Suki’s got going on, that’s definitely the team’s effort because if I eat, everybody eats. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Talk about being on Rico’s Smack A Bitch remix.

I love Rico, that’s my baby. I texted Rico right now and told her she’s a lil lion. I just did a photoshoot with her. I love Rico, I love her personality. I love how she is with her fans and how she is with business, I’ve got a lot of respect for her. Rico said in an interview that I was one of her favorite female rappers, and she’s my favorite as well. It was a pleasure to work with her on a project. Rico came out to my birthday party too and threw some ones. She played a part in that $5K I made on my birthday, I love her. 

How did y’all link initially?

We linked from Instagram. Actually, I made a lot of real friends from Instagram. Don’t let nobody tell you that you won’t find a good friend on Instagram because it’s social media. A lot of people like to lie and say they didn’t meet the love of their life on social media, but some really did. I used to watch Bill [fiance] on social media, on Instagram all the time. He didn’t know I was watching him, and he was watching me for years. I found that out because when I met his family, they couldn’t believe that me and him were talking. They’d tell me “Bill always been saying that you gon’ be his woman.” What? I’m the one that reached out to you, how did that happen? But that’s the truth. 

Three things you need in the studio?

I need a Black & Mild, it’s something about the Black that gets me activated. I’ve got to have something to drink, preferably Patron, and I need some food. But that’s not all I need. I need a good crowd of people. I need comedians in my session, I like to laugh. One thing about me is I’m a professional roaster. I like to roast, I like to laugh. I like to tell jokes before we even get started. I like n*ggas in the studio with me. I don’t really like girls because girls be too timid, they don’t like to joke right. I don’t joke with them so I like guys in my studio, some liquor, something to smoke on… shit, probably a couple guns. That gives me something to write about, makes me think about my old times. 

The hood Suki?
Yeah, I like a hood environment. That’s how I am in general. I always tell my fiance, “listen, I’m starting to get homesick.” I don’t want to go back to the hood though, because it’s nothing there for me. What we’ll do when I start getting homesick and start getting a little depressed is we’ll throw a block party. At these block parties, we’ve got everybody from the streets. Everybody in the hood comes out, we’re listening to music. We’re all dancing. We getting ratchet, doing what we usually do. Guess what? After that block party, I go home. I go write a song about it. Sometimes I do get homesick, not going to lie.

What inspired your new single “No One”?

Oh my gosh, that song really means a lot to me because I was singing about Bill, my fiance. It means a lot to me and it means a lot to my fans because they’ve been following me throughout all of my relationships. It’s something a lot of people can relate to. 

Goals for yourself at this point in your career? 

I don’t really like to tell people what I’m manifesting, but I’m definitely going to be levelling up way more. You’re going to see me on TV way more. You’re going to hear me on the radio way more. Most importantly, I definitely want to help my people more, especially the people that’s a part of my community. I definitely want to give back to my people more. Help people not just financially, but as far as their mindset. Sometimes, it’s your mind that’s holding you back. 

What do you do for self-care?
I usually get facials, which is my favorite because I’m really big on my skin, so I love to get facials. I love to go to the hair salon to go sit with my girl. I still do go to the hair salon and go get my hair done. That makes me calm, that makes me feel good. 

In your song “ You Forgot To Love Me,” did that ex ever hit you up and apologize?
He probably wants to really badly, but they’re blocked. They don’t have contact with me. I know a lot of them probably feel really bad, but I have a fiance now. I’m happily engaged and Bill, it’s a lot of competition. They don’t even want those problems because nobody can make me happier than him. They know not to hit me up.

Anything else you’d like to let us know?
I want to tell my fans I love y’all. Everybody, including you, happy holidays! If you’re not in the church paying your tides, give back to your community. Give back to somebody during this holiday season because everybody deserves something. Somehow, some way, make sure you give back, even if it’s food, if it’s money, if it’s shelter, even a ride. Make sure you help somebody this season, period.

Photo credit: Trenton Barboza


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