Experts Say Cape Cod Lobsterman’s Whale Story Sounds Fishy

Some experts say the Cape Cod Lobsterman’s story about being swallowed whole by a Humpback Whale sounds extremely fishy.

According to NY Post, at least one doctor at the Cape Cod hospital that treated the lobsterman expressed skepticism to the news outlet about the whale tale.

“He reportedly ascended from a 45-foot depth in 20 to 40 seconds and didn’t have any evidence of barotrauma?” the Cape Cod Hospital emergency room doc told the Post.

A doctor explained that any person who experienced that kind of encounter should expect to have more serious injuries, such as hearing loss, because of the sudden change in water pressure from that depth, noted the physician, who the outlet noted did not treat Michael Packard.

Other fishermen and fellow seamen also seemed very skeptical.

“People who are in the fishing industry, and people who know whales, are finding this hard to believe,” a Bay State lobsterman, who has fished the area for 44 years, told the outlet. “It’s a first-ever that this would happen.”

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