Experts Warn That Viral #OneChipChallenge is Sending Participants to Hospital

Experts Warn That Viral #OneChipChallenge is Sending Participants to Hospital

Doctors are urging users not to attempt the #OneChipChallenge on social media, as it is causing individuals to end up in the hospital.

A flavored tortilla chip company, Paqui, created the viral food challenge as an online dare where they release a new spicy chip each challenge.
The 2022 One Chip Challenge features the Carolina Reaper Chip.

“This year’s high voltage chip contains the super-charged Carolina Reaper Pepper and stinging Scorpion Pepper with a shocking twist, it’ll turn your tongue BLUE,” the Paqui website reads.

However, medical experts and social media users have warned that the spicy challenge is potentially dangerous and has sent a few, including children, to the hospital.
In a video posted by TikTok user @angela_b157, her niece was seen in a hospital shortly after trying the challenge, which has attracted 10.7 million views.

“Oh no,” the girl says after taking her first bite. “Chew it!” someone yells from the background. “Fifty bucks. Do the rest,” another person yells.

In the video, the girl can be seen stomping her feet and shaking her hands. “It’s not that bad,” the girl finally says.

In a follow-up video, the girl said she bet the $50 she could eat the chip and explained that she later burst into tears from the pain.

Eventually, she was taken to the hospital, where she was given medication to ease her stomach pains.

It has been reported that students in California, Texas, and Alabama are being hospitalized due to the chip. School districts in Georgia and Colorado are warning parents after several students have missed class after consuming the chip.

According to KBTX, one Texas student lost consciousness and began having seizures.

Dr. Gaylord Lopez with the Georgia Poison Control Center has warned that eating the chips can cause serious harm.



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