Grass Is greener

Fab 5 Freddy Looks To ‘Educate All These Politicians’ in Netflix Documentary ‘Grass Is Greener’

Hip-Hop icon Fab 5 Freddy is taking his talents to film to get the government more open-minded about pot.

Freddy’s gone from hosting “Yo! MTV Raps” to being a director for “Grass Is Greener.” The Netflix special serves to bring more awareness to the innocence that is weed. The documentary details the history of marijuana and the cultural differences it made within the music industry and society. Of course, a huge part of the conversation is the false classification of criminalizing it along with heroin and other disastrous drugs.

Billboard interviewed Fab about working on his first directorial project. Obviously touching on the debate about marijuana’s national legalization, he shared that he “absolutely” sees it happening.

“We’ve had 80 years of bad information, and we’ve got to re-educate all of these politicians who have been inundated with this old narrative of, ‘Marijuana is a gateway drug.’ Counterculture, radical people were onto this early on. The health benefits of this plant need to be recognized.” 

He also revealed that he’d seen a massive change in political opinions since sharing his work. 

“Netflix is going to arrange screenings and talks. Politicians are hitting me up on social saying, ‘What can I do to facilitate discussion?’ I hope my film can be used as a tool toward a more progressive approach to marijuana — one that will lead to the legalization and the expungement of jail sentences.”

Grab your blunt (if it’s legal) and get educated with “Grass Is Greener” right now on Netflix!

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