Fabolous Checks In On Fat Joe’s Live To Discuss The Importance Of Hip-Hop Amidst COVID-19

Fat Joe is keeping our spirits alive amidst this crazy COVID-19 quarantine. Going live to his 3.2 million followers on Instagram, the New York spitter began his “Coronavision” session with nothing but good vibes, positivity, and old school jazz. After shouting out all his homies, the one and only Fabolous checked in during the return of the Fat Joe show.

Off the rip, Joe called out Fab for rocking a chain in the house, who, in turn, explained the chain was only for “IG Live purposes.” Fab, rocking the classic black-and-white Roc Nation hat, addressed how Coronavirus delayed his tour, admitting he didn’t know how strong it was.

“I had a bag, but that same night I gave it back,” Joe admittedly responded. (He had a show in Miami).

Fab then went on a spiel about how we should all be following rules and staying inside to try to minimize the spread of the virus. The two then explained how excited they are about the IG Live beat battle between Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch, which took place later that night. Both agreed that the two were a better matchup then Mannie and T-Pain. (Joe later ruled in favor of Storch during the battle, claiming “this is getting embarrassing,” as Storch played his hits in response to Mannie’s southern classics).

Joe asked what Fab thought of Tuesday night’s Tory Lanez vs. French Montana, and Fab seemed unimpressed. “That’s cool for now, it’s not that deep in the catalog for me,” Fab said, as Fat Joe agreed.

The two hip-hop legends then went on to discuss getting the credit they deserve in the rap game, which began decades ago. They also touched on how New York will come back and be the biggest city on earth, even though the times have been incredibly hard given the high numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in the state.

Elsewhere, the two discuss how hip-hop always comes through in a crisis, giving examples of celebrities giving back money. Fabolous then brought up an incredible point: “who’s responding to entertaining the people the way hip-hop has done? From our DJs, artists, I haven’t seen too many other — I haven’t seen any no big corporations keeping our minds off what’s going on. It’s been our hip-hop DJs, even doing stuff like this. You really have to salute hip-hop as a culture to be on the frontline whenever something goes down.”

Fat Joe added, “Hip-hop is being portrayed as negative and bad. What is is, it’s always been our people expressing our pain and everything we’ve gone through. Times like this, it doesn’t surprise me Rihanna gave 5 million dollars. It doesn’t surprise me that CC Sabathia’s in the middle of the streets feeding the homeless. It doesn’t surprise me hip-hop has given so much back to our people, and we feel responsible. We feel we gotta talk to our people.”

Fabolous did nothing but agree.

In the end, Fat Joe reminded the audiences that everyone has a talent, humbling themselves down to being kids from their projects and turning nothing into something. Fab drove the point home, saying, “hip-hop, we come together for everything, bro!”

The “All The Way Up” rapper even shouted out Baller Alert on the check-in.

Fat Joe and Fab
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