Fabolous Reveals How He and Emily B Moved Forward After Domestic Violence Incident: “We Just Had To Deal With It Internally”

Fabolous sat down with Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” and opened up about his relationship with Emily B, and how the couple dealt with the fallout from their 2018 domestic violence incident.

When Ebro referred to the rapper’s offseason as “rough,” Fab seemed to downplay that description saying,  “Yeah, I mean rough,” he said, “but not like — just little personal sh-t that you go through.”

Fab was arrested in March of 2018 and charged with domestic violence against his longtime girlfriend, Emily Bustamante. At the time, reports claimed that the “Make Me Better” rapper knocked her teeth out, and shortly after, a video circulated of a heated confrontation with Emily’s dad, where the rapper allegedly approached the two with a weapon.

According to TMZ, Fab was able to get a plea deal earlier this year, and avoided going to jail by completing a pre-trial intervention program, which is not the same thing as anger management or therapy.

Fab revealed that he experienced some difficulty dealing with the entire situation publicly as the rapper was usually notoriously private about his relationship.

“Yeah, that was different for me because I’m just more to myself and more like, even with my family and my personal life, it’s usually handled inside,” he said. “It’s not really a public opinions and comments and family members involved, them reacting to everything that’s coming in, too.”

Fab explained how the couple moved forward, “We just had to deal with it internally. It wasn’t about dealing with it publicly. That’s where I put my energy and focus into, dealing with it internally,” he added. “Publicly, everyone’s going to have their opinions, there’s going to be speculation. ‘Oh, what really happened?’ But the clarity I was looking for was inside more than anything, because that’s the people I have to deal with every day. Those are the people that I care about, that I love, that I want to make sure they are clear on what’s going on. So that’s what I focused on. I didn’t really focus on what was going on with the outside.”

Fab did admit that he understood his fans’ disappointment with his behavior and offered an apology to those who were disturbed by his violent display.

“I apologize for coming across in a light that I wouldn’t want to be represented in,” he said. “People make their opinions, and it’s hard to, after the fact, change somebody’s opinion on seeing a video of something because people still see with their own eyes and they just make their own judgment. All I could really do is apologize for being in a light that was not showing me in my best self, and that’s it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Fabolous addressed the viral moment with Shiggy, in which he asked the viral superstar to do the #ChoosyChallenge. Although social media was not pleased with the way Fab handled the situation, he revealed that it was all a joke.

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