Facebook Board Upholds Donald Trump’s Ban On Social Site; But It May Not Be Permanent

The ban on Donald Trump’s Facebook account has been upheld, but that doesn’t mean it’s permanent.

Trump has been declared persona non grata by the Facebook oversight board. However, the board agreed that Facebook, aka “Mark Zuckerberg“— could lift the suspension within six months of it being imposed.

The day after the Capitol insurgency, Trump was barred from using Facebook. Trump’s explosive remarks, according to Facebook, led to the riot. Zuckerberg said that keeping Trump on the forum posed an unacceptable risk to the United States.

That means Trump could return to the social media platform on July 7.

Members of the oversight board were named who were not associated with Facebook, including the former Danish Prime Minister. On July 7, however, the ball will be in Zuckerberg’s hand, and he will have to decide whether or not to reinstate Trump.

Trump has been largely quiet since leaving office, owing to his ban from a number of social media outlets.



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