Facebook Reports Seeing Increase In Violent Rhetoric Linked To Upcoming Inauguration

The social media platform Facebook has tracked an increase in violent discussions that they say are tied to the January 20 presidential inauguration of Joe Biden.

According to Reuters, the increase indicates potential future acts of violence intended to contest the results of the U.S. presidential election following the Capitol breach that occurred last Wednesday, a company spokeswoman told the outlet.

The woman asked to remain anonymous due to security reasons but added that Wednesday’s Capitol riot involving Trump supporters appeared to be a galvanizing event. There is now a threat that there will be more efforts to organize gatherings across the nation for multiple days around Biden’s inauguration.

Facebook was able to find digital flyers promoting events, including calls to arms or the insignia of militias and some hate groups, the source stated.

The FBI previously warned of armed protests after finding evidence suggesting that demonstrators were planning to protest in Washington and all 50 state capitals.

Facebook has sped up their exchange of information with law enforcement following the Capitol siege, the source also added.
However, online platforms saw an uptick in violent rhetoric on their platforms before Wednesday’s planned assault on the Capitol. The majority of these discussions were in open public view, researchers, and public postings report.

Since Wednesday’s madness, tech companies have taken unprecedented measures to shut down baseless claims of election fraud. Both Twitter and Facebook blocked Trump’s accounts. Amazon Web Services and the major mobile app stores severed their ties with social media network Parler, a popular network used by Trump supporters.

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