Faith Evans and Stevie J Open Up About Their Surprise Marriage and Babies: “I’m Pretty Fertile, We Obviously Know He Is Too”

Despite Stevie J’s longstanding legal drama over child support, in addition to his history with baby mama drama, the super producer’s new wife is looking forward to making babies, together.

TMZ caught up with the newlyweds to discuss their surprise nuptials for the first time, as they offered a message to those opposed to their new relationship. 

“It really didn’t take long once we found out that there was something there,” Stevie said, “Right?”

“Well, there was always a love there,” Faith added, “but I never saw him in a romantic way in all of the years of our friendship.” 

“A couple of years ago I was single, we were working together and I felt a little something,” she continued, adding that they got married on a whim. 

But, when it comes to the haters and naysayers, Faith says she has “nothing” for them. “I don’t have anything for them,” she said. “We love each other and we’re happy.” 

As for babies, Faith says it may already be in the works. 

“I’m pretty fertile,” Faith said, as she joked about Stevie’s reproductive history. “We obviously know that he is too. He ain’t shooting blanks either.”

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