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Faizon Love Recalls The Time When He Shared A Kiss With Gabrielle Union

Who knew Faizon Love and Gabrielle Union had a lip locking moment?

During an interview with VladTV, Faizon recalls the drunken night that led to them exchanging kisses. When the interviewer asked Love did he make up the story, Faizon responded saying, “Have I ever lied to you? Did you see Gabby come out and [act shocked]?”

The interviewer then mentions the kick Gabby’s husband Dwayne Wade got out of the matter. When Faizon initially revealed the two kissed, Dwayne photoshopped a picture with Faizon’s face next to Gabby’s.

“I liked the way he did that, it was funny. We weren’t no item, we was just drunk at the club, kissing, tongue kissing. Y’know? She wanted to see what that tongue do,” he jokingly says.

Faizon also adds more details about the night and says Gabby’s ex-boyfriend Vince Carter was present for the kiss.

“At the time she was dating Vince Carter, and Vince was there. We were having a Hennessy drink off, and I clearly won. I remember the whole night, because the crowd went crazy and it was a crazy night. One of those New York special nights,” Love adds.

Watch Faizon reveal the news below.

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