Faizon Love Sues Universal, Claims Removing His Image From Movie Poster Is Racist

Faizon Love accuses Universal of removing his image from a movie poster because he’s black, and now he’s suing the movie studio over it.

According to TMZ, the actor filed a lawsuit earlier today, accusing the studio of racial discrimination for removing him from an overseas version of the “Couples Retreat” movie poster-while leaving the rest of the cast, who are all white, in it.

In the court docs, Faizon claims his name and image were erased from the poster when the movie was released outside of the United States. The actor claims Universal had no issues featuring Black actors in the film but claims the studio decided to segregate white and Black talent when it came time to market the 2009 movie to an international audience.

Faizon claims he originally let the snub slide and said the film’s producer, Scott Stuber, promised him the overseas poster would be taken out of circulation, and the chairman of the studio at that time, promised he’d throw a few roles Faizon’s way to smooth things over.

Faizon now claims in his suit that the poster without his likeness is still being used, and he never got those acting gigs he says he was promised.

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