gabrielle union and faizon love
gabrielle union and faizon love

Faizon Love Details His Kiss With Gabrielle Union, Again

Faizon Love clearly kisses and tells– and then keeps on telling.

Once again, the actor was asked about his alleged kiss with Gabrielle Union, and he didn’t hold back, telling the story with excitement.

As a guest on “The Big Tigger Morning Show,” Love elaborated on the ‘make out session’ between him and actress, Gabrielle Union, after one of the hosts asked him about the rumor.

Love went into detail explaining the two were in New York City filming Perfect Holiday when she asked him to join her and former NBA player Vince Carter on a night out. The night led to a drinking contest between Love and Carter at the club, where he later made out with Union.

“Ask Vince!” Love said. “It was a leading-man kiss.”

He also shared that everyone at the club screamed in shock when the two kissed passionately. “Gabby was a good sport about it,” said Love.

One of the hosts of “the Big Tigger Show” told the 53-year-old to stop telling people because Union has “never admitted to kissing him publicly.” However, Love quickly responded, saying, “It’s my business to tell to… She ain’t never said I lied.”

This isn’t the first time the “Blush Crush” star shared this same story. He first spoke about it in 2021 during an interview with former NBA star Kwame Brown. Love said the incident happened years ago. “Ask Vince Carter about that night! Everybody knows about the infamous Faizon- Gabby tongue down… she was with me that night,” he said.

Brown didn’t miss a beat, responding, “Alright now, D Wade gon whoop ya a**.”

Although Union was not dating her now-husband at the time of the alleged tryst, the three-time NBA Champion decided to poke fun at his wife. Wade posted a video on Instagram featuring a hilarious montage of Union and Love in a series of romantic poses. At the same time, the song “If I Ever Fall In Love” by Shai played in the background.

“What almost was,” Wade captioned the post, which also featured an infamous scene from the film “Boomerang” between Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry. “@Faizonlove thank you for this forever material I now have on my wife! #Wetsloppykisses #pettylevels.”


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