Fake Followers, Likes and Comments Will Not Fly Anymore On Instagram

In today’s society, it’s no secret that many people try to “fake the funk” to appear a certain way or have a status on Instagram. Some go as far as purchasing followers, likes, and even comments.

Now, Instagram will not be having it anymore, as they have already started removing the fake gestures yesterday. The company said in a blog post that this is a part of a greater effort to maintain an “authentic” platform.

With #FakeNews as a headlining topic due to Trump comments, social media has been filled with non-credible misinformation, and Instagram wants to avoid further issues.

Accounts have used third-party sites, granting them access by providing their username, password, and usually paying a small fee. Instagram is tackling this problem of inauthenticity by using a machine that is built to help detect and remove fake popularity.

So, If you see a decrease in your following, there will also be a message notifying you of the change to your account and prompt you to change your password, CNN reports.

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