Fake Intelligence Firm Behind The Hunter Biden Conspiracy

Well, the right-wing’s master plan to smear Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden was an epic fail.

It’s been confirmed that the token piece of information the Republican Party thought they had was just that, a thought. According to NBC News, a fake “intelligence” 64-page document circulated the right-wing’s internet, and apparently nobody questioned the source.

The document claimed an elaborate conspiracy theory— that Hunter Biden had problematic relationships with the Communist Party of China—and was created by a company called Typhoon Investigations.

But the firm is fake, and so was the author, Martin Aspen, who posed as a Swiss security analyst. Aspen’s profile picture was also fabricated, created with an artificial intelligence face generator and his identity couldn’t be confirmed at his previous listed employers, well, because he just wasn’t real.

Christopher Balding was one of the first people to post the document. He has since taken credit for writing it and admitted Aspen does not exist.

Right-wing officials chose to ignore the signs that were evident that this was a sketchy choice and instead ran with the baseless allegations that Joe Biden and his son were beholden to the Chinese government, the news source reported.

The plot was to bring a negative light to the Biden family, mostly to the Biden campaign, this “fake” news spilled from the internet into the conservative news outlets, but the gag is—it backfired.

A month after the document surfaced, there were claims Hunter Biden’s hard drive leaked some of his files, although unverified, on October 14, the New York Times published these suspicious documents and salacious pictures.

And it was people like Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and White House chief strategist Steve Bannon who said there would be more to come, but nothing has come.

Nice try! But you gotta be smarter than that.

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