New Jersey Ban

Fake Letter Circulates Claiming New York Residents Can’t Enter New Jersey To Curb The Spread Of COVID-19

According to Newsweek, a fake letter that looked like an official press release from several government agencies has been obtained by New Jersey’s Department of Homeland Security.

The letter which was dated May 5 falsely claimed that beginning this  Sunday, New York residents would be prohibited from entering New Jersey to prevent the transmission of the novel virus.

“As of May 10, 2020, there will be no New Yorkers allowed within the parameters of the state of New Jersey,” the fake release stated. Also, adding that law enforcement would be asking for “state identification” from pedestrians and drivers operating vehicles with New York license plates. The fake statement claimed disciplinary action would be taken against those that violated.

“If this identification was not issued in the state of New Jersey, the persons will be taken into custody, and escorted back to New York,” the letter went on to say, claiming the reason was to “ensure curbing the spread” of coronavirus. “The exponential possibility of New Yorkers bringing the virus into the state of New Jersey at staggering numbers has become the forefront of the concerns of our governmental and administrative offices.”

In response, the New Jersey’s Homeland Security Department shared a message on Twitter to confirm that the press release was counterfeit, despite the various seals of the federal Department of Homeland Security, the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, the New Jersey State Police and the “National Chaplains Association,” which doesn’t exist.

“The letterhead appears to be taken from a legitimate letter but with the false information inserted below and then signed by a fictitious person,” the New Jersey department tweeted, noting a comment from an analyst who made an evaluation of the false statement.

The department also pointed out the typographical and logical errors, referring to a claim towards the end of the false release stating that “special identification” would be given to New Jersey residents with children after several days of when these fictitious enforcement procedures were supposed to take place. Around the time the pandemic first occurred in the states, New Jersey’s Homeland Security officials launched a webpage to advise citizens of invalid rumors and scams related to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Extending this declaration ensures that we can continue using every resource at our disposal to mitigate the spread of COVID-19,” New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said in a statement. His office is putting together a reopening plan for New Jersey, which has the second-highest number of new coronavirus cases nationwide following New York.

“I want to ensure that this extension is not interpreted to mean that we are reconsidering our path forward or changing course on the principles I laid out last week in the Road Back plan,” the governor’s statement went on to say. “We will continue to stand by these principles and protect public health as we responsibly take steps to get the economy moving again.”

New Jersey Ban

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