Family Of Alabama Inmate Who Alleges She was Raped In Custody Demands Full Investigation Into Her “Mysterious” Pregnancy

26-year-old Latoni Daniel was arrested and charged with capital murder in connection with a fatal robbery back in 2017. 

She has been in custody for 17 months and is somehow 8 months pregnant. Daniel revealed her pregnancy last year when she learned about it. 

Her attorney told CBS42 via BET News that his client was in Coosa County Jail until she discovered she was pregnant, and then for some reason was moved to another jail. 

According to her brother Terrell Ransaw, his sister has zero recollection of any sexual encounter, but knows “She wasn’t pregnant when she went to jail.” 

Now Daniel’s family and her attorney Mickey McDermott are demanding an investigation. They believe Latoni was raped by someone in the Coosa County jail facility and possibly while she was taking legally prescribed medication for seizures. 

“It had to happen at night when she was unconscious after she took her medicine because that’s when they gave her her medicine, at night,” Ransaw told CBS 42. 

“She hasn’t even gotten so much as an investigator sitting down with her saying, tell us what you know and we will investigate it,” McDermott told CBS 42.

McDermott also told the news, that under Alabama law, an inmate cannot consent to having sex, and legally, she cannot have sex, and nobody can have sex with her. 

“I don’t cry that much, but I cried after I heard that because that is my sister and no woman needs to go through the stuff that she had to go through and bear a child this way,” Ransaw told CBS 42. 

The family is now preparing for the arrival of Daniel’s baby boy and consider his birth a blessing. 

“We happy for my little nephew, he is going to be spoiled, he is going to be taken care of, he is going to be loved,” said Ransaw.

The Coosa County Administrator’s Office and the Coosa County Attorney have not commented on these allegations.

Inmate impregnanted

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