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It’s officially Super Bowl week, which means that players and fans alike are getting ready for the big game on Sunday. Whether you’re rooting for the Panthers or the Broncos, you are definitely not alone. Celebs get just as hype about their favorite teams and many of them will be proudly repping either blue and black or orange and blue six days from now. From Steph Curry to T.I. to Future, let’s see who some of our favorite celebs will be pulling for on Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s no secret that Steph Curry is a huge Carolina Panthers fan. Growing up in Charlotte, he’s been repping the blue and black ever since the team was founded in ’95. Steph has been seen at Panthers games this season and is also good friends with quarterback Cam Newton. No doubt about it, the Currys are definitely lifelong members of #PantherNation. 

T.I. was spotted at the AFC Championship game rooting on Peyton and the Denver Broncos. While the Atlanta native is a Falcons fan, it looks like he’s decided to adopt the Broncos for the remainder of the NFL season. 

Atlanta rappers Jeezy and Future were spotted on the field during the NFC Championship with Cam Newton, who is also from the A. These two will definitely be rooting for the hometown hero this week. Not to mention, Future had Cam on stage at his concert earlier this season, gave the quarterback a shoutout in his song “Rotation”, and I’m sure the petty in him loved watching the Panthers defense take down his ex’s new boo during the playoffs. 

UFC champion Holly Holm has been a huge fan of the Broncos ever since witnessing legendary Broncos quarterback (and current General Manager) John Elway play his last NFL regular season game back in 1998. Last month, she even got the chance to go on the field at Mile High Stadium and meet Elway. This lifelong Broncos fan is definitely excited to watch her team have another run at the title this year. 

Carolina native J. Cole proudly reps his state and was spotted with Cam Newton at a Hornets game a few months ago. It’s a safe bet that he’ll be rooting for his friend on Sunday, and he even mentions the Panthers winning the Super Bowl in his song “Carolina On My Mind”. 

Odell Beckham Jr. made headlines this season after getting into it with Panthers cornerback Josh Norman during the Giants-Panthers game in December. He was even suspended without pay for one game as a result of their altercation. According to Beckham, the reason he was so fired up that day was because the Panthers players were allegedly threatening him before the game and hurling gay slurs at him. There seems to be bad blood between the star wide receiver and Carolina, and we don’t see them patching things up any time soon. 

As an athlete, there’s no better mentor to have than Michael Jordan, one of the greatest athletes of all time. According to the NFL Network, MJ has been giving advice to Cam, who also happens to be his neighbor in Charlotte, ahead of his big game on Sunday. The Carolina native, who was also in the house for the NFC Championship, always puts on for the home team. It’s gotta be a good feeling for Cam to know that the G.O.A.T. is on your side.

Many of us watched Russell Wilson and the Seahawks get crushed by the Panthers during the playoffs, and it was not a good look for him at all. To add fuel to the fire, Ciara’s ex Future is rooting for the Panthers and it appears the team has his back as well when it comes to the ongoing beef between CiRuss and Future. Panthers safety Tre Boston even trolled Russell by doing the DJ Esco dance after sacking him. We’re gonna put our money on these two going for the Broncos in the big game.  

Who will you be rooting for this Sunday?

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