Fan Arrested After Throwing Water Bottle At Kyrie Irving's Head

Fan Arrested After Throwing Water Bottle At Kyrie Irving’s Head

On Sunday night, another dumb fan attempted to hit Kyrie Irving in the head with a water bottle, and this time the perpetrator was apprehended.

The event occurred at TD Gardens in Boston, where you can see the bottle come within an inch of Kyrie’s head as he was heading out. Tyler Johnson scanned the crowd and identified the perpetrator after his colleagues were outraged.

According to police, the fan is Cole Buckley, a 21-year-old charged with one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Buckley allegedly threw a Dasani water bottle in Irving’s direction, according to an eyewitness. Buckley was arrested and escorted from the arena while wearing a Kevin Garnett jersey.

Irving said after the incident … “You’re seeing a lot of old ways come up… just underlying racism and treating people like they’re in a human zoo. Throwing stuff at people, saying things. There is a certain point where it gets to be too much.”

Kevin Durant also added… “Have some respect for the human beings and have some respect for yourself. Your mother wouldn’t be proud of you throwing water bottles at basketball players or spitting on players or tossing popcorn,” Durant said. “So grow the f**k up and enjoy the game. It’s bigger than you.”

A few days ago, a fan spilled popcorn on Russell Westbrook during the NBA playoffs while he walked off the court wounded. Following the game, Westbrook stated that players require protection from rowdy fans.


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