Fan Calls Police on Tommy “Tiny” Lister After Girlfriend Live Streams Argument

Tommy “Tiny” Lister a.k.a “Deebo” and his girlfriend got into a little spat during a car ride home, and she was live streaming the entire thing. While focusing the camera on him as he was sitting in the driver’s seat, she mentioned his wife, who he is separated from and that’s when things went from there. 

As he notices the woman is filming, he attempts to move the camera away. Further into the live stream, the two appear to arrive at their destination and Lister is heard speaking about his 11-year-old daughter. The woman says he called her a “stupid ass” to which he says his daughter was ACTING like one. As he walks to the door with his hands full, he asks for help, and she says no, calling him a “stupid ass” in defense of his daughter.

Lister then turns and walks toward his girlfriend, and as his girlfriend backs up, she says “You guys can call 911,” to her Instagram Live viewers. He then asks why she would say something like that and tells her, “You should never drink.” Once in the house, he reaches for the phone again after she refused to stop recording. “Don’t f**kin’ hit me!” his girlfriend yells. “I didn’t hit you,” Lister says.

As a result, one of his girlfriend’s Live viewers called the police, and they were dispatched to Lister’s Arizona home. No one was arrested, and neither of them wanted to press charges.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Lister spoke with TMZ and reportedly told them that he ever put his hands on his girlfriend and all he wanted to do was get the phone from her. He also said the recent drama helped him make the decision to break up with her.

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