Fanbase Launches Direct Voice Feature

The Black founded and operated social media platform Fanbase has launched a new initiative geared to helping Black content creators.

On Wednesday, the platform launched “Direct Voice,” a drop-in audio chat room feature similar to Clubhouse.

Founder Isaac Hayes III says the company knows the importance and impact Blacks have in the social media realm. The feature will further push the contributions Blacks give to content creations.

Direct Voice will first be used by select users.

Fanbase chose to roll out the feature after recent discussions surrounding concerns over user privacy, Black culture, and monetization on other apps.

Fanbase says most creators out there have many followers across their social networks but don’t make the most of it. With their platform, users can build a closed community with their real fans and sell premium content, and communicate with them.

Hayes is the second Black man to raise over $1million on StartEngine and is the third person ever with crowdfunding.

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