Fashion Nova Is Suing Tekashi69 For $2.25 Million After Breaking Brand Promotion Deal And Never Returning Advanced Payment

Popular online fashion boutique Fashion Nova has filed a $2.25 million lawsuit against Tekashi69, claiming the currently imprisoned rapper stole money.

Tekashi has yet to be released from the slammer, and he’s already back in some drama. TMZ reports the Bushwick native had a series of brand promotion deals with the fashion company, in which he would advertise Fashion Nova’s products on his social media pages and through his music. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Fashion Nova paid 6ix9ine an advance of $225,000 back in October 2018.

But, just two weeks after he was paid, the rapper was jailed, prohibiting him from being able to keep his end of the bargain with the company. Additionally, Fashion Nova says the rapper’s testimony during his trial totally tarnished his image as one of the boutique’s brand ambassadors.

Fashion Nova believes Tekashi and his camp withheld the truth about his criminal past and claimed they had no idea the convicted felon was associated with lawbreaking. Fashion Nova says Tekashi promised to pay the money back but never did so now they want $2.25 million.

Tekashi is set to be released in August this year.

Tekashi69 Sued by Fashion Nova

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