Fat Joe Reveals Drake Was Supposed To Be On The ‘All The Way Up’ Remix, But Jay-Z Didn’t Want Anyone Else On The Song

‘All The Way Up’ by Fat Joe and Remy Ma was one of the biggest Hip-Hop songs released in 2017.

The song peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100, went double-platinum, and received 2 Grammy nominations.

The song also received a verse from Jay-Z on its official remix.

In a new interview on Open Late With Peter Rosenberg, Joe revealed that #Drake was also supposed to be featured on the record, but was left off per Jay-Z’s wishes, despite how badly Drake wanted to be a part of the song.

“I always wanted to do a song with Jay-Z,” Joe expressed. “I’m honored that he got on the remix. The craziest story is that I got a FaceTime call maybe three different times while ‘All The Way Up’ was out, and it was your man, the 6 God, Drake. He called me three different occasions out of nowhere, ‘Yo, send me the instrumental, send me the instrumental to ‘All The Way Up.’”

However, Jay-Z felt given their rocky history and past feud; he thought that the song would make more sense for it to be just them on the record.

“But, when I told Hov we were doing the song, he said ‘Look, Joe. It means so much to our history between me and you, let’s not put nobody else on the song,’” Joe explained. “He’s not [necessarily] referring to Drake. It could have been Kanye. 50 Cent was asking me to get on the remix.”

Though Joe is a “huge fan” of Drake, he kept his word to Jay-Z, but he still wishes the moment had been a Jay-Z, Drake, Fat Joe and Remy Ma collaboration.

“I’m beyond a huge fan of Drake, but I had to keep my word. My word is everything. So when I told Jay-Z, ‘Nah, nobody else is on the song,’ I had to keep my word. But man, I wish it was Jay-Z, Drake, Fat Joe, and Remy,” he added.

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