Fat Joe Set To Release His Memoir “The Book Of Jose”

Fat Joe Set To Release His Memoir “The Book Of Jose”

Fat Joe has written a new book that details his more than 30-year music career. In it, he opens up about some of his darkest moments.

The memoir “The Book Of Jose” will hit shelves in November. The book will reportedly go into depth about the 51-year-old rapper’s tumultuous upbringing in the Bronx, NY, all the way up to eventual success as a respected artist in the music game.

According to a press release, the memoir will “explore how Joe overcame the drug- and violence-scarred South Bronx of the 1980s to blossom into one of the pre-eminent powerhouses of his generation. The book will pull back the curtain on Joe’s challenging upbringing and give readers a look into his ascent to stardom while candidly reckoning with the costs and rewards of that life: its tragedies, regrets, and glittering triumphs.”

Fat Joe announced the forthcoming book in a post on his popular Instagram account and released a statement.

“The Book of Jose is more than just a book about my career. It explores the darkest moments of my life — brushes with death, being locked up, losing friends, and dealing with depression — that shaped me as a man. I overcame significant adversity, but I’m excited to be in position to share my story and inspire others through my journey,” he said.

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