Father of Atatiana Jefferson Passes Away From Cardiac Arrest, “He Just Never Recovered From The Grieving Process”

The father of Atatiana Jefferson,

the black woman who was killed by a Forth Worth police officer as she played video games with her 8-year-old nephew in her home, died of a heart attack on Saturday, according to a family spokesperson.  

According to USA Today, 59-year-old Marquis Jefferson suffered a cardiac arrest and was taken to a hospital in Dallas on Friday night, and he passed away on Saturday, family spokesman Bruce Carter said.

His death comes less than a month after his daughter was fatally shot by a police officer in her home in Fort Worth, Texas. Atatiana Jefferson was his only child.

“Please keep his family in your prayers and tonight make sure you hug and tell your loved ones how much you love them,” Carter said in a statement. 

Following his daughter’s death, Marquis Jefferson sought a temporary restraining order to gain control over the funeral arrangements from his daughter’s aunt. A deal was eventually reached and the funeral was rescheduled.

“He ultimately just succumbed to, I don’t know, I can only say a broken heart,” Carter said. “He just never recovered from the grieving process.”

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