Father Sentenced to 20 Years After Killing His Son Over a Slice of Father's Day Cake

Father Sentenced to 20 Years After Killing His Son Over a Slice of Father’s Day Cake

In 2019, the parents of a 5-year-old Milwaukee boy told authorities that he fell down a flight of steps, which resulted in his death.

The boy’s father finally admitted to investigators that he punched the baby in the stomach and hit him in the face, all because the boy ate the last slice of Father’s Day cheesecake.

After pleading guilty to three felony charges concerning his son’s death, convicted killer Travis Stackhouse was sentenced to 20 years in prison plus an extra eight years of extended supervision on Tuesday, according to FOX 6 of Milwaukee.

According to the station, the charges included second-degree reckless homicide, child neglect, and child abuse/intentionally causing damage.

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge David Borowski noted during the sentencing hearing, “The average person that hears about this case can’t understand how you would beat or punch any living human being as bad as you did in this case – let alone your own child.”

“How you can live with yourself, even for a day, I don’t understand,” the judge added.

Borowski believes the state could have filed a more serious case against Stackhouse, resulting in a harsher sentence.

The court stated his decision was based on the fact that Stackhouse acknowledged the offense and agreed to a plea deal after a trial.

Prosecutors expressed concern for the safety of Stackhouse’s four other children during the trial, according to FOX 6.


Travis Stackhouse struck his 5-year-old son, leading to the child's death, authorities say. (Milwaukee County Jail)

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