Dr. Anthony Fauci Says A Covid-19 Vaccine Might Not Give Everyone The Same Degree of Protection

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the Covid-19 vaccine may not give everyone the same degree of protection.

“It isn’t necessarily effective for every single person, so you don’t know the degree to which you’re protected,” Fauci told Spectrum News in an interview Tuesday.

“A vaccine could prevent you from getting sick, but not necessarily prevent you from being infected,” he added. “Although you’re vaccinated and protected from illness, you might be infected and could conceivably transmit the infection to someone else.”

Two top drug companies announced that they have vaccines that are 90% and 95% effective.

Fauci said that once people are vaccinated, people can start taking the first steps to go back to normal and lighten up on some tight restrictions.

“But you don’t want to abandon them completely and put yourself and your family at risk,” Fauci warned.

Fauci added that a vaccine should be just one tool in an “armamentarium of prevention” against coronavirus.


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