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FBI Investigating Missouri Police Officers Who Let Dog Attack Detained Black Man

The FBI has launched an investigation after shocking footage shows a Black man being attacked by a police dog as three officers look on.

The attack took place near St. Louis, Missouri, when authorities responded to a burglary call at a business in Woodson Terrace. Once officers arrived, they encountered the Black man who allegedly threatened to kill them. The man identified himself as a “sovereign citizen” and refused to obey their commands, according to the officers.

In the cell footage captured by a bystander, two law enforcement agents are seen with the man pinned against the police cruiser while the officer with the canine approaches. The officer with the dog initially kept it held back before allowing the animal to attack the man as the other two officers backed away. At one point, one of the officers is seen pushing the man towards the dog as he is bitten multiple times. Eventually, the officers tackled the suspect to the ground and proceeded to arrest him.

Paramedics responded to the scene, but the man refused treatment at that time. After arriving at the police department, the man was taken to a nearby hospital after complaining of injuries.

The footage has sparked widespread outrage. Activist Zaki Baruti called the behavior of the officers “vile and despicable.” On Friday, activists held a protest outside the Woodson Terrace Police Department, calling for the firing and prosecution of the three officers.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump reposted the video on Instagram where he pointed out that police dogs only attack on command.

“This cruel & unusual punishment is FAR TOO similar to the use of dogs against civil rights protestors in 1960s South!” Crump wrote.

Woodson Terrace police Chief Randy Halstead stated that his department is “fully cooperating” with the FBI’s probe. The man who was attacked has not been charged with a crime.

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