FBI Issues Warning After White Supremacists Plot To Spread Coronavirus To Jewish People And Police

White supremacists are encouraging its members to spread the #coronavirus to Jewish people and police.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s New York office had to send out a message to local police officers letting them know that white supremacists are plotting to intentionally pass the COVID-19 virus to Jewish people and the boys in blue. The agency issued the statement on Thursday, which read that “members of extremist groups are encouraging one another to spread the virus, if contracted, through bodily fluids and personal interactions.”

The warning mentioned that hate groups are telling members to go where Jewish people “may be congregated, to include markets, political offices, businesses and places of worship,” according to the Hill. In addition, these hate groups will also be using spray bottles to spread the disease to police, the statement read. On Monday, an FBI spokesperson said that while the agency’s “standard practice is to not comment on specific intelligence products, FBI field offices routinely share information with their local law enforcement partners to assist in protecting the communities they serve.”

“These products are intended to be informative in nature, and as such, they contain appropriate caveats to describe the confidence in the sourcing of information and the likelihood of the assessment,” the spokesperson added. “Additionally, when written at a local level, these products will note that the perspective offered may be limited to the field office’s area of responsibility.”

The Anti-Defamation League just reported that some hate groups have been spreading lies that claim Jewish people are the reason for the coronavirus outbreak. “From pushing the idea that Jews created the coronavirus virus to sell vaccines to encouraging infected followers to try to spread the illness to the Jewish community and law enforcement, as the coronavirus has spread, we have observed how white-supremacists, neo-Nazis and others have used this to drive their own conspiracy theories, spread disinformation and incite violence on their online platforms,” Michael Masters, who heads the Secure Communities Network, a nonprofit that works to “serve the American Jewish community concerning matters of communal safety,” told ABC News.

The state of New York has reported over 26,000 cases of the virus, with 271 deaths, NBC News reports.

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